Ange Will Not Take A Winter’s Break And Nor Should He. Nobody At Celtic Should.

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I was delighted to hear that Ange will spend the “winter’s break” working.

Anyone who was surprised at that must have missed his famous miked up training session when he told the players that the attitude of this club is that we’ll stop working only when the opposition is exhausted or dead and the full time whistle has blown, and not before.

The full time whistle on this campaign is a long way away.

The man himself is talking about how he never switches off. He will spend the three weeks working on signings, training programs, studying the opposition, thinking about the future.

He says he enjoys it. I daresay he does.

The only folk who don’t are those who are one step shy of throwing in the towel.

A manager needs to be hungry and that’s what Ange is; he wants success more than he wants to pull on his slippers and chill.

This is the attitude everyone at Celtic should be taking, from the directors on down.

To be frank, they all owe us one for the sheer ineptitude which reigned this time last year.

It was at around this time that they finalised the dreadful Dubai trip. It should never have happened, government approval or not. It was an insult to millions across this country.

And coming whilst our club was in freefall … that alone sent a dreadful message about where people’s priorities lay. Not on doing the job at hand, that was for sure.

There is no trip away this year, just a relentless focus on business.

There are injured players who need to regain their fitness.

There are others about to join the club.

There are decisions to make at every level.

There are changes and choices which should dominate thinking.

There will be no relaxing by the poolside, no taking their eyes off the ball, just everyone focussed on the next few months and securing our two trophies again. Ange sets the mood for this whole club now, and the example the rest have to follow.

And what a great example that is. What a contrast from this time last year.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; he is the leader we craved, the leader we required.

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  • Billy McLaughlin says:

    He is a no nonsense kind of guy that we’re lucky to have. He’ll probably stay two or three years then go south. Good luck to him I say. Just enjoy the ride folks.

    • Stephen McAdam says:

      You sound an ” epl” only they say that see lived there for years I may be wrong but sounds something they sycophants would say, he never manage a Bigger Club than ours! Fact and pretty sure he knows that

      • Stephen McAdam says:

        Meant I lived in sydney and that there bs talk there , but in reality nothing compares to Celtic!! No fanbase comes close seen it over there and elsewhere we are the club and the club is us!

  • JTT says:

    All work and no play makes James a very dull Bhoy.
    I look forward to you forfeiting your holiday for the benefit of your employer.

  • Stephen McAdam says:

    One picture that summed up that entitled fraud last year was the on the ” piss” at the pool in lounger while he had been dragging us through the shit for months! Then he did his usual unrepentant bs on returning! We created a monster in lennon! A guy that he no right to ever be Celtic manager Ever! Only there to suit a controlling micro managing accountant! Dreadful it really was and I said this in 2010 on his shocking appointment! He got so much wiggle room as we felt we owed him for the way he was shockingly treated by that m poison of this country of which there are many sadly and in positions of power to, who were also passive aggressive in that disgraceful period. I was overseas living at the time and fought his corner every time in that period but he was never the real deal ” Celtic man” or real manager material! Imagine the real ones that never got the chance he did the Mcgrains, big Roy or the Mastero himself Paul Mcstay ! Real Celtic men! Ange knows how fortunate he is! Wish we got him October 2020 as the league would be still on! But desmond and that joke board stood by a total fraud , I hope we never here or see him again

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