St Mirren V Celtic Goes Ahead, And Credit To The Home Side For Pushing To Play.

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St Mirren v Celtic goes ahead then. Good.

I wrote last week about how the game should take place, even if St Mirren are down to the bare bones.

If it was us, they’d have made us play and we know it because they did.

I feel bad for St Mirren, as I feel bad for any team that goes through this … but that doesn’t change how I feel about it. We need to get the game out of the way. So the show goes on.

Reports today suggest that they could have as many as eight players out.

We should not see that as an opportunity to rest our own players, as tempting as that might be.

We should know by now that if a team puts out its youth that those are the very footballers who will run through walls and play until the final whistle, perhaps more than the senior pros.

Do we really want to take that chance?

This is our game in hand and it is incumbent on us to give it everything, to treat it as importantly as we did the final, and close that gap at the top. They play the Ibrox club at the weekend, with the same set of issues; the club there will show them no mercy because they can’t. We must make sure that we don’t make any mistakes.

Ange won’t take any chances.

He will field a strong team and give St Mirren the proper level of respect, and from that position we should be comfortable.

We have St Johnstone away and Hibs at home before the other lot come calling; their own games are St Mirren, of course, and then Aberdeen away prior to Celtic Park.

This is where it all gets interesting.

It’s good that the game is going ahead.

We have momentum and it’s important to keep that up. It’s to our advantage that we’re facing a weakened team, of course, but then we’ve been weakened by injuries all season long.

That’s why I’m shedding no tears for the opposition.

Cause let’s be honest; nobody was shedding any for us.

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