At Least Three Celtic Stars Are In The POTY Running Yet The Record Is Pushing Aribo.

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The Record’s latest fantasy is that Joe Aribo is in the running for the Player of the Year award.

What a joke that is.

There are three outstanding candidates at the moment and every one of them is in a Celtic shirt. If you expanded the possibles list to another couple of players you could get Cameron Carter Vickers in there as well, and still Aribo wouldn’t be.

Ralston, Kyogo and Jota are so far ahead of the rest that it’s embarrassing to even talk about other candidates.

To be frank, if a Celtic player doesn’t skoosh this then the system is broken.

The only risk to us is if the three leading man cancel each other out.

Even then, I can’t see past one of them winning it and right now it would be Jota by a country mile. But the pro-Ibrox press needs to indulge its little dream scenario and promote one of their own, especially as the club really needs a marquee sale.

Jota is so clearly the best player in the country that the discussion isn’t worth having.

The revelation has been Kyogo and Ralston is the most improved player in Scotland by some considerable distance.

If it wasn’t for the two new signings nobody would be talking about anything else but his leap to the front of the queue.

It’s probably the most impressive leap in quality I’ve seen from a player since Martin O’Neill transformed Didier Agathe and Bobby Petta into players who could compete on the big stage of Europe.

It’s a minor miracle.

All season long so far the media has fumbled for its player to contend with these guys.

They’ve gone through Kent, Hagi, Sakala, Goldson (hilarious), Tavernier (preposterous), Patterson (anonymous) and now the Record at least has settled on this geezer.

And none of them can touch the Parkhead trio, and they know it.

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  • Nick66 says:

    SSB were banging on about Aribo being MOTM today. How he is the most constant player in Sevco at this moment. Jota gota mention too. Looks as though you’re on to sonething here James. The agenda is set the Aribo bandwagon is hheadig off.

  • Tony B says:

    Craig Gordon will be player of the year.

  • John says:

    correct me if I’m wrong but the last time I looked it was December. When does anyone win player of the season with half a season still to go.Only if you play for Sevco I suspect.

  • Jimmy says:

    Your comment that it should be one of three of our team is Narcissistic James. Aribo looks to have played well. I would add Martin Boyle and Craig Gordon to the list.

  • Hans says:

    For crying out loud James. When you write articles like this, you destroy any credibility you have. If we are ten points clear at the top of the table, you make perfect sense. As things sit? You come across as naive and pathetic.

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