Celtic And The Supporters Stand Accused Of Ruining Ibrox’s Pet Referee.

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Yesterday, to my eternal happiness, Ibrox social media turned its guns on one of their own.

Their fans are furiously raging at John Beaton, and in particular because he’s one of their own and didn’t do what they had expected and give critical decisions against us.

I think they are moon-howling and that ought to go without saying.

The idea that Beaton is biased in our favour is too great a stretch even for their crazed imaginations; their theory is, somehow, even more bizarre.

We have “ruined” John Beaton via a combination of online damnation, offline threats and the behaviour of the club.

They blame we, the bloggers. For exposing him. For targeting him.

They blame the club for “putting the pressure on” in the media and behind the scenes.

(We must have missed that, right?)

Now their favourite referee is “incapable” of doing one of our games because, in their world, we have so cowed him and broken him that he will not give decisions against us.

In their view, he is so scared of us that he now gives blatant decisions which favours us.

His bias, which they never minded when it favoured them, has been switched and they hate it and they don’t want him refereeing any more matches involving them or us.

I find this hilarious, of course, and for many reasons.

For openers, Beaton isn’t able to call offside, that’s the job of the linesman.

Dermot Gallagher, a far better official than Beaton, agrees with his call on the Starfelt “penalty” near the end, and with the foul he gave before the second goal.

So other than his decision not to show a card for that atrocious tackle early in the game, and the parallel decision to book Juranovic for much less, he got the big calls essentially right. I

f we influenced matters at all it was to get him to act mostly by the book … I understand why they aren’t happy with that, but it’s all we’ve ever sought to do.

I marvel at the idea that we have basically destroyed their pet referee.

That they would be happy never to see him officiate a game involving us again is brilliant; we would be equally happy.

So let’s come together and see that he never again does.

I rather suspect that particular suggestion would not be welcomed over there.

Their calls for VAR’s introduction, immediately, is equally worth laughing over.

No club would benefit from VAR more than we would. No club would suffer more than theirs. Their wanting it rushed through is like turkeys voting not just for Xmas but an early Xmas.

I never cease to be amazed at the barmy way these Peepul see the world.

John Beaton shouldn’t be near top flight games involving us, and all we’ve ever done is say that.

The guy was caught in an Ibrox fan bar after refereeing a controversial match between the teams … in any other country in Europe that would be the end of the road; he would never get one of our games or one of theirs ever again and there might even be some scrutiny of the choices he had made in prior matches.

Here in Scotland, nobody even blinks.

Nobody except us, and now we’re accused of subjecting him to undue pressure?

There would be no need for it if we had regulations making it impossible for these people to officiate games involving their favourite teams or their rivals, and we know he’s not the only one.

The fury on their forums over this has to be seen to be believed.

Obviously, I’m not going to post a link to them but if you go over to the two main ones and check it out you’ll see what I mean.

You’ll never read such obvious paranoia and psychosis unless you have the password to one of those incel sites or a Qanon forum.

That’s how mad we’re talking about.

But the irony of it is delicious.

They make no attempt to deny that he’s “one of their own” and that’s why they are angry at his failure to send our players off, disallow goals and give penalties to our opponents.

Because it’s what they expect of an official one group of them named their supporters bus after.

I daresay they’ve already voted to change that.

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  • Charles says:

    Laughable. Their previous manager complained about the top referee in Scotland doing his job. Since then he has reffed 2 games in 3 years at Ibrox. He also claimed decisions went against them. Over 40 penalties since then awarded. That must have slipped their minds.

  • Scouse bhoy says:

    There is no point having a debate and trying to reason with people who talk of 55 and 150 and i include all ex celtic players who have a voice in the media who refuse to call out this insult to the intelligence and the 276 creditors left with nothing. Fear to tell the truth is the order of the day.

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