Celtic Face “Absolute Disaster”? In Your Dreams Enemies, Cynics And Critics.

Image for Celtic Face “Absolute Disaster”? In Your Dreams Enemies, Cynics And Critics.

The latest screaming headline for the repositories of clickbait has Noel “Nobody” Whelan saying that we are facing “absolute disaster” in the League Cup Final because Kyogo isn’t in the team.

Oh my dear God, these people really are desperate to see us fail.

The thing is, our club is stronger than these people seem to be aware.

It’s stronger than some of our fans are aware, I think. We still have more than enough in the playing squad to see us through the next few difficult weeks, and I expect us to do it.

Everyone out there is basically dying for us to blow this. It’s in the air. You can taste it. They were so sure that Ange would be a flop and so arrogant in their views that they can’t even bear the idea that they might be proved completely wrong.

And that’s just those who aren’t wound so tight to Ibrox that even contemplating Celtic winning the title makes them nauseous. Well they better have their sick-buckets ready.

Did you see the images of the players and the coaches in training yesterday? Did you watch Bitton in front of the media? Laughing, joking, relaxed. Do these look like people who are ready to throw in the towel? Do they look like they are labouring under a black cloud of despair?

To me, those pictures sum up the mood at Celtic right now and you could see it in midweek as the players clawed and battled and worked and fought for the win.

There is a real sense of purpose at Celtic. It’s one of the reasons why these people are pissing their pants at the moment, one of the reasons they are panicking. That’s why we get headlines like these. That’s why our players are being targeted by smears.

We are back, and they know it.

And soon enough we’ll have the first of our trophies back.

Absolute disaster?

In their dreams, friends. In their dreams.

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  • Bhoy4life says:

    Everyone better be ready for some str8 reds or double yellows coming up, the MiB know we are weakened and they will weaken us further.
    Its all in the grand scheme of things.

    • NICK66 says:

      My mood was lifted by a big booster jet pack on thursday night. I watched our squad perform brilliantly against tough opponents. Yes we have lost a couple of our main threats but we showed enough for me that the deputies are good enough for our league. As I posted on an earlier blog, the biggest reason for my confidence is our defence- best in SPL- are more settled and are keeping it tighter at the back. We have 2 players, (Jota and Kyoga) out, but goals will come from anywhere in this team, evidenced by our back line and our young lads scoring. You’re quite correct James, we have more about us than the rivals care to admit and that has them sh!tt’n bricks now.

      • Jim Duffy says:

        Well said Nick 66,I only hope that 66 has fuck all to do with engurland ,to be fair nick I’d fuckin drop that 66 if I was you, because I might think you’re an English person.

  • Fred Howden says:

    Yep ! Agree one hundred percent !

  • Gordon Ashley says:

    I must just be imagining all the other times we’ve played without a striker and dropped points in most of them when we couldn’t score. The kyogo decision was stupidity but we will still get behind ange and the team. Just hope his lesson isn’t to hard a one.

    • Jim Duffy says:

      Gordon you’re not another hind sight master tactician are you , please we can all say Ange shouldn’t have done this or should have done that ,stop being an after the event manager,and please stop phoning in that stupid daily ranger hotline,you know what your up against you and that daft cunt eason from ballingry,the daily record is a fuckin undiluted Hun fuckin rag so stop phoning the hunline oops I meant hotline.

  • NorthamptonTim says:

    As wee all know Ange has marked there card
    Nobody’s HH

    • Jim Duffy says:

      Gordon why can’t we not just bring the Griff back ,that would stick it up all them Hun cunts ,I’m sure Griff would bend over backwards if we give him the chance.

  • Alex Reid says:

    Celtic have had this rubbish put in front of them for years. It’s something that we live with. The Media Machine rolls on. Celtic don’t care. Our objective is to score one more goal than our opponents in every game. ( It’s that simple. ) ???????

  • Jim Duffy says:

    Big NIR button is class ,is it just me or does anyone else think or get reminded of Jeff goldblum.hes a great cunt as well btw.

  • Jim Duffy says:

    Not button BITTON.

  • Micky Bhoy says:

    Who the fuck is noel whelan?

    Never heard of the cunt.

  • Geoff says:

    Nobody cares

  • SSMPM says:

    Sick of hearing the hindsight comments maybe we should be talking about the lack of foresight. Btw Jim is Nir related to the Israel driver Jenson Bitton. HH

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