Celtic Fires Back At One Idiot, But We Should Have Gone After Several Others.

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Last night, a “Celtic spokesperson” launched a broadside against the lunatic attack launched on us by the pig-ignorant former chairman of Hearts who, as the spokesperson pointed out, hadn’t even got his basic facts right.

The whole rant was a disgrace and when I covered it yesterday I made no effort to engage with a single point in it. It would have been easy to do. As I had said in the piece I wrote about Barrie McKay, Celtic did right by the player and Hearts by contacted them immediately after the weekend, and that’s been in the public domain since Monday.

Dean’s deranged tirade was both idiotic and factually incorrect. The media ought to have simply ignored it, because there was nothing credible in it.

Celtic had to respond though, and I am glad they did, although I am in complete agreement with Joe McHugh who attacked the club for choosing to give the statement to two detested media outlets rather than allow fan media to circulate it instead. Our board still has a lot to learn. This is what we are for, and they would rather utilise the mainstream press.

I mean, who do they think is giving people like Dean the platform to attack us in the first place? They give idiots like this credibility and the club responds by making them look credible.

That is obviously self-defeating and stupid, and still we do it.

But, as I said, we had to respond and I’m glad that we did. I notice that Celtic’s statement only tackled the suggestion that we had not offered an apology. The suggestion that games be replayed or that points be re-allocated was so absurd that Celtic expressed their contempt for it best by refusing to mention it at all. This was certainly the right move.

Whilst I’m glad that the club has chosen to attack Dean, there are other things happening.

The media campaign against Kyogo Furuhashi is beginning to grow in strength and that, too, needs to be tackled by someone at the club. The allegation that our chairman sought to influence referees at the AGM is another avenue down which we’re being attacked.

This might not be a co-ordinated attack – some of these clowns couldn’t co-ordinate their piss into the pan without a How To guide – it certainly feels like one when we’re being hit from every angle every single day now.

The club has to be more aggressive in responding to threats and attacks, and if it can’t be it should show the appropriate trust in the bloggers and the podcasts and give us the information we require to do it for them.

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  • Roonsa says:

    This is a tough one James. This is an interesting article but it does highlight a lack of understanding from people like myself who don’t understand the relationship between club, mainstream media and fan media.

    I read The Celtic Blog because it is pro Celtic. I don’t agree with everything you say but, by and large, I do and that is good for my blood pressure. However, I do understand that most people are not aware of fan media. Well, that’s my understanding of the situation. There is still a large percentage of people out there who buy the redtops because that’s what they have always done. My dad buys the Daily Mail FFS!

    So with that in mind, does it not make sense for Celtic to go to the MSM because they felt that because they had already given that idiot the platform that it was better to use that same platform to bat him down? As I said at the start, I don’t understand the politics involved. In articles like these, I do think it might be a good idea to account for the stupidest person in the room (probably me) to explain the situation.

  • SSMPM says:

    Agree pretty much with above comment. The club are right to respond to the same platform but I guess not exclusively and to that extent I agree with you James. HH

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