Celtic Have Done Right By Barrie McKay. Why Is He Trying To Stir Up More Trouble?

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I understand that when a footballer is asked a direct question by the media that he needs to answer it.

But he doesn’t need to answer it in a direct way.

I realise that some footballers would not get onto Mastermind, but there is a difference between being dense and being deliberately provocative and I recognise it very well.

In the aftermath of the incident the other night where a bottle was thrown at Barrie McKay, Celtic reached out to the player and his club.

The police have identified the idiot responsible.

If other stuff was thrown at McKay, as he claims – and I have no reason to doubt it – the idiots responsible for that need to be found and dealt with too.

And let me tell you, not a single decent Celtic supporter would complain if all of them were removed from the ground and told never to return. We are better without them.

But McKay has made two claims which I don’t believe stand up for two seconds.

The first is that he’s never had stuff chucked at him when taking a corner before.

Sorry, but I’m calling bollocks on that.

I’m not saying it’s right – it is never right – but it does happen, at most grounds in Scotland and it should not happen anywhere. I find it hard to believe to say the least.

The second claim he made which I think is pretty ridiculous is that he was “targeted.”

Who is Barrie McKay that anyone would “target” him?

He claims it’s because he once played for the Ibrox club. So what?

We’ve faced players before who played for them and this hasn’t happened to them.

To be honest I think it’s an egotistical statement; to put it bluntly, I wouldn’t recognise Barrie McKay if I bumped into him in Argyle Street. The idea that he was “targeted” is faintly ridiculous.

This is a dark enough incident without him making out that Celtic fans are uniquely evil and that we “target” players who used to play for the club across the city.

Neither of those things is remotely true.

The Celtic support, as a whole, are appalled by the incident and the club has acted resolutely and with great respect for his position.

I wish he had acted with similar responsibility and respect, instead of stirring the soup like this.

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  • Jimmy says:

    I would have thought it was obvious that he was targeted because fans involved knew he used to play for our rivals.

  • Johnny mcglinchey says:

    Just an nonentity HH

  • Damian says:

    That he was targeted seems a reasonable inference on his part, whether this is entirely true/provable or not. If it happened to Johnny Hayes or Gary MS at Ibrox, it’s an inference we and they would probably make.

    That more than one thing was thrown at him is also uncontroversial. For one thing, he had objects thrown at him while taking two different corners. I saw it. As a minimum, two empty paper Coke cups (which must have been thrown from near the front of that section at the corner) and a plastic bottle.

  • S Keenan says:

    He was definitely targeted because is was/is a hun.

    If he is saying that he hasn’t had an object thrown at him before you must take him on his word or provide actual evidence to the contrary. Stating your opinion that he’s lying just comes as in denial. The throwing needs to be condemed. End of. The whataboutery nonsense in this article is more suited to the tripe written by idiots on the other side.

    • James Forrest says:

      If you think that then you’re definitely reading the wrong site.

      • S Keenan says:

        James, my argument is that you need to back up your views with evidence in some circumstances (like this one) as opinions are just like arseholes – everyone has one. I thought this was a poor article but generally speaking – keep up the good work!

  • Terry Thomas says:

    I must commend Celtic in getting the idiot arrested he is letting our club and fans down. The other side of the city have still done nothing regarding the missiles thrown at the Hibs players.
    This is unacceptable and could cause serious injuries to the players but at ibrox that’s normal practice.

  • Scouse bhoy says:

    My thoughts exactly how many would recognise him ?. This is not whataboutery that moron who threw the bottle should never be back in parkhead but was there not bottles thrown at hibs players in the semi final that got very little publicity

  • Brian says:

    Now I don’t want to get involved in whattaboutery here, the throwing of any missile is not on, but why when trif clubs fans battered the Livingston goalkeeper with ice balls was that seen to be banter and swept under the carpet no fans banned nothing. We must root out and ban any fans from any club for throwing anything.

  • Sophie Johnstone says:

    Cmon we know fine well though we may know the square root of nothing about McKay.we do know he was a rangers player and that’s enough for some cretins to throw objects at him

    • Neil Smith says:

      Being opposition could be enough for some … Being a Jambo perhaps more fuel… But only a eejit does what our fan(s) did… I think it wouldn’t matter which hearts player took the corner it would have happened coz eejits do what eejits do .. f all to do with a somewhat minor ex Hun … And he is somewhat less than a footnote in our opponents …

  • Andrew McGhee says:

    His foul on Tony Ralston in the early minutes was nasty,booking maybe,with Madden Naw.never apologized to Tony Ralston,just a silly boy with comments.Brains don’t go there………

  • Roonsa says:

    I actually believe him where he says its never happened before. Sure it does happen but not that much. And if he is the nobody that is claimed in the article, why would anyone chuck something at him? Don’t know if the clown who did it did do it because he is an ex hun. It’s possible I suppose. Probable even.

    Celtic have done the right thing. We move on.

  • Brian lipton says:

    Leigh Griffis got booked when a half bottle of Buckfastl was chucked at him for highlighten the incident

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