Celtic Will Not Get Our Lift From Someone Else’s Favours. It Must Come From Us.

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Last night, watching the Hibs game, as Porteous gave away the penalty I was struck by the thought that when November started to fade out as December started fading in, I had started the process of waiting. Waiting for what?

For someone to do us a turn, of course.

Watching Porteous and realising that, I instantly snapped out of it.

Because the very real truth of it is that nobody might do us a favour. Who really wants to? Ross would have enjoyed it, but he’s not going to make his players run through walls for it.

Teams may show up on the day and give everything, but they’ll do it for them, not for us.

Nobody at any of those other clubs has skin in the game when it comes to this title fight, so anything that they do against Ibrox – or against us, perish the thought – will be because they turn up on a given day and for their own reasons decide to battle to the last.

Nobody will do this for us. That is both a grim thought and a somehow liberating one. It stops us from having to sit and watch their games in expectation which invariably ends in disappointment.

The four-point gap might still be there when they come to Parkhead; the important thing is to realise that and to understand what it really means. It means that we have to win every game up until then in the cold belief that they will do the same.

We’re one game into what will be a long, tough month.

But already it is clear that ultimately this is going to come down to what we do rather than what someone else does for us.

That is not as painful a thought as it would have seemed a few weeks ago.

Because I think we’re capable of doing it. If events elsewhere fall our way – and of course they will, at some point, because that’s football – we must be ready to take advantage.

But we have it in us.

If we’re waiting for it we will drop our focus and points as a result.

To realise that is to prepare against it.

Which is why I don’t feel bad today but excited instead for tonight.

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  • Jay Gray says:

    Simple truth mate and well said. We HAVE to be at our best, that should be enough. If its not, then we need to do better. I, NOW, do not care whatever ANY other team is doing. I want us to win every game. I know we won’t and we will drop points and have a shit game or two. Only football games I watch are Celtic games. I don’t care about the league we are in or the teams we play against, I just care about the Famous Glasgow Celtic

  • JTT says:

    100% correct James.

  • Geoff says:

    They score their penalty
    We miss ours
    There’s the four points

  • Seppington says:

    I’m shocked you thought anyone would do us a favour at any point! My entire life I have taken it as read that they’ll “win” all their games and we have to win ours then gub them in the derbies to snatch the title. Any “favours” are fortuitous coincidence and just a bonus.

    Them, on the other hand, get favours from top to bottom. When you hear Martindale dribble on in his post-match interview about “the stability that Giovanni brings to the football club” and realise he doesn’t mean Livi then you know he’s, and I’ll be kind, not going to try his hardest against Sevco…but it’s life-or-death stuff against us.

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