Celtic’s Japanese Bhoy Has Pushed Some Peepul Beyond The Bounds Of Sanity.

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There are footballers whose success in a Celtic strip brings something out of rival fans. Something feral and ugly and which makes them sound stupider than they already are.

Without a shadow of a doubt, Kyogo Furuhashi is one of those players.

The other day, in front of the media, Ange heaped praise on our Japanese Bhoy by telling the hacks that Kyogo is sometimes too quick and smart for the rest of the team and that they have to play catch-up or we won’t get the very best out of him.

I couldn’t agree more.

We need to be moving the ball forward quicker, and the passing (which, as I pointed out this morning is world-beating) has to be that little bit crisper and more accurate.

Players need to be able to anticipate him better. Once the rest of the team (Jota and Ralston excepted; they seem bang on in tune with him) is up to that level he’ll be even deadlier.

Perhaps it is this knowledge that has driven some of the commentariat, and a section of our rival’s fan-base, so utterly off its nut. Kyogo is now the target for social media threads and articles beyond counting for “being a cheat.”

A striker puts the ball in the net from what might be an offside position. Does that make him a cheat?

A striker goes down when hit on the back of the head. Cheating?

Striker goes down in or around the penalty area when fouled. That’s not cheating either.

Take a look at that picture.

That’s the one Joe McHugh opened his piece on this subject with yesterday.

Look at those bruises. What happened there? Self-inflicted?

The video footage Joe shared suggests not.

Some of these rival sites seem to to think he went into the bathroom pre-match and did that to himself.

Good God.

If these muppets want definitive proof of contact then it is in that picture, and only morons would deny that.

I’ll tell you this; when an opposing player takes a mad swipe at you, you are perfectly entitled to milk that.

If some thug in a different coloured shirt thinks he will get away with a cheeky slap or a flung elbow then why wouldn’t you go down and draw attention to that neddish behaviour?

Comparisons to Morelos and how he is treated by the media and refs, as if he was a victim, are too dumb to be taken seriously.

He has the lengthy crime count and the record of shocking incidents which renders the whole debate worthless. If Morelos is often booked it’s because he is genuinely a dirty player and a notorious cheat.

Any attempted comparison just doesn’t stand up.

The tactic behind this shady narrative is obvious; in branding him a cheat they hope to get referees to take action against him.

For what though?

For reacting to barges, and slaps, and grabs and other noxious behaviour? After all, if rival players didn’t throw their arms about and leave the boot in and indulge in other shithousery there would be nothing to talk about.

When they stop doing it, he’ll stop reacting to it, I guarantee it.

In the meantime, I think it’s great that he’s so obviously gotten under their skin like this. The number of sites and social media posts wailing and whinging about him proves one thing above everything else; he scares the piss out of them.

Keep on doing the business Kyogo-san.

Keep them sweating.

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  • Sophie Johnstone says:

    So Kyogo goes down easily isn’t that exactly what every other player does to highlight foul play by an opponent.nothing sinister or unusual in modern football that

  • Tam c says:

    I wonder what , Kenny Miller,”boydy,Alex Rae, SMSM. Would have thought about. John Polaris McDonald’s diving. Some time ago Derek Johnstone said this is something that “foreign”players were bringing in to the game. I did a bit of research not only was Derek Johnstone playing at that time HE PLAYED IN THE SAME TEAM AS POLARIS McDonald

  • Charles says:

    When someone grabs your skin you either push him away or try to get his hands of you. I find it surprising that another hearts players was trying to alert the referee of something going on with souttar and kyago. Fortunately kyago did not lift his hands at all or he would have been sent off. Maybe Neilson is trying some of the dark arts that the Athletico Madrid manager has up his sleeve

  • John S says:

    Next thing you know Wee Jimmy will be reclassified as a ‘diver’ because opposition teams had no other recourse but to hack him down.

  • SSMPM says:

    Hypocrite media and press. I’ve seen them report on a dead club’s dive into liquidation then pretend it never happened. Why listen to cheats. HH

  • Geoff says:

    Is there anyone worse than Morelos who goes down in agony rolling over and over to highlight the “assault” but has never had to subbed due to injury.
    Their penalties are always stonewall while I can never recall ours ever been classified as anything other than soft.
    Paranoia obviously

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