Celtic’s World Beating Passing Stats Are A Jaw-Dropping Tribute To AngeBall.

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A proper eye-opening set of statistics has emerged online last night, from a site called Inside World Football.

Taking its data from an organisation called CIES Football Observatory, one of many analytics organisations which have popped up all over football, they have hailed Celtic as the team which passes the ball more than any other in world football right now.

That is an amazing statistic, and when you look at how far we are ahead of even our closest challengers – Dinamo Zagreb, then Ajax, then Bayern Munich and then Manchester City – the numbers look even more astonishing.

They are tangible evidence of how much Ange has changed the team.

It is amazing to me that there are still people trying to argue that Ange hasn’t really made that big a difference to us, that we’re playing the same tactics as last season only with some different personnel and that the impact of the manager is exaggerated.

This is certainly not the case, and these sort of stats prove it.

I think these number are a testament to how much work has already been done here.

Ange said yesterday that this team still won’t be playing, consistently, the way he wants them to until next year … that’s a hell of a thing to put on the table when you can already see that real progress has been made.

How good we might be a year from now … wow.

The Celtic fans already suspect that Ange is building something special; the handful of critics who are left are too stuck in their bitterness to change their minds now, but we can see it with our own eyes. And just in case those eyes are deceiving us, here are the hard numbers which prove it.

We are going to be one Hell of a side when this guy finally has everyone up to speed.

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  • Bhoy4life says:

    Have the Daily Retard done a story on this yet?
    I mean, McGregor winning an online poll against Hart was headline news for them, surely a Scottish club to of world passing league tables is worth boasting about to the wider public?

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