Charlie Adam Should Keep His Fat Mouth Shut About The Celtic’s Fans Higgins Protest.

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There is nothing worse when you’re in the midst of a debate or argument over something and some clown sticks their ignorant two-bobs worth into the discussion, unbidden and unwanted.

When that person’s intervention is so obviously designed to needle both sides it is especially annoying and where I’m from could get you a punch in the mouth.

Charlie Adam has tonight offered his “opinion” on the coming Celtic fan protests.

Which nobody asked him for. Which nobody needs. Which nobody wants.

His own fat mouth should stay shut on any subject involving Celtic fans and their relationship with the club.

Nobody needs to hear to snarking views of another ex-Ibrox idiot where the Bernie Higgins matter is concerned.

Even if he understands the issues – and it’s clear from his comments that he does not; he thinks that those engaged in the campaign are interested in getting publicity for it when the only people they care about sending the message to will all already be inside Celtic Park – he should keep his nose out of it.

His suggestion that the protests should be saved for our coming cup final are just shit-stirring.

Because that would suit him and other people, for our supporters to turn up for that big occasion and not offer support at all. He is just dumb enough to think we are dumb enough not to understand that. More and more, these people reflect their stupidity onto the rest of us and then act surprised when we’re not quite as daft as that.

Adam is one of those ex-Ibrox players who the media seems to leave, completely oblivious, it seems to me, at the way they drag down the whole level of discourse around football in this country.

This is an idiot with a room temperature IQ so asking him about anything outside of his daily routine is a stretch. Yet he seems to have the freedom to pontificate on any number of subjects, and more and more those subjects involve Celtic.

In this case, as in so many others, his contribution only serves to remind us what a joker we’re dealing with and what a scandalously poor media we have that they think we want to hear this kind of thing.

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  • Johnny Mcglinchey says:

    Fat diseased orange retard

  • Martin 67 says:

    As appalled as I am by the pending appointment of Higgins. I don’t think a silence which will affect the players is the answer. The board have already shown disdain for the support. I think the best way of protest would be to hit them were it hurts. I know they already have our season ticket money but I think the best way to get the message across would be to starve them of match day revenue. This would impact on the board and would have no impact on the players in the midst of this important title race.

  • Finbar muldoon says:

    For these people, it’s ALL about the CELTS. HH

  • harold shand says:

    Ever noticed that when they’re doing their media rounds

    Charlie Adams never talks about Dundee

    Andy Halliday never talks about Hearts

    Barry Ferguson never talks about Alloa

  • Derek Duncan says:

    Chuck A Hun Dumb !!!!

  • John says:

    Why would anyone give sh*t about what Charlie Adams thinks anyway? He’s a nobody stealing a wage from Dundee. However, once again the GB making it all about themselve. Pathetic! They don’t give a Flying f*ck for the team, fellow fans or the club. everything revolves around their own narrow political agenda

    • Roonsa says:

      I have to agree with you on that one John. The GB are definitely too self important.

      But this isn’t about the GB. This about a no-mark talking about something he has no insight to provide an educated opinion on. If fellow Celtic fans like you wanna have a dig at the GB then fine – I’d say there’s a good chance you’d know more than someone like Adam as he has absolutely no affiliation with Celtic.

      What the Sun are doing by giving him a platform to speak his brains (or should I say, brain-cell?) is taking the equivalent of the opinion of an ill-informed hun in the pub after a few too many sherbets and making it a story. It really is pathetic.

      Just to make it clear that the only reason I know the Sun did this is because I read this article then Googled it. It’s why I get my Celtic info from places like this. The Sun isn’t even good for wiping your arse anymore as it’s all available online.

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