Hibs Shockingly Handed More League Cup Final Tickets. Celtic Should Be Furious.

Image for Hibs Shockingly Handed More League Cup Final Tickets. Celtic Should Be Furious.

Hibs foot stamping has seen them handed 2000 extra tickets for the League Cup Final. This is an unbelievable, and unprecedented, development with Celtic’s allocation currently still on offer to season ticket holders who attended the semi-final.

Is this how Scottish football is run now? A tyranny of who moans and bitches and wails the loudest? The club which jumps about a bit and shrieks most simply gets what it wants?

No wonder people have doubts about the governance of the game.

Do these extra tickets get taken off Celtic?

You wouldn’t think so, but you never know with the way our game is run.

If they are, is our club actually going to stand for that?

What an utter disgrace that would be.

The whole thing is ridiculous anyway.

Hibs could not sell out their semi-final allocation. They failed to sell out their own ground last night for a home game in the league. The fairness argument is preposterous. Hibs actually invoked “sporting integrity.”

I honestly didn’t know they cared.

I know Celtic fans who have attended every game this season and who might not get tickets on the back of this decision, whilst Hibs fans who haven’t been at a match in years might find themselves there.

Nobody is going to tell me that’s fair.

Nobody is going to tell me that this is the right thing to do.

There are many reasons why this is a disgrace, not least of which is that our club may now have less tickets to give to our own season ticket holders.

Hibs average attendance this season is 13,000 including away fans.

They have twice as many tickets for the final as they need to satisfy the demand of their season ticket base.

We have half as many tickets as we need to satisfy ours.

Explain to me where the fairness is in that.

The governing bodies are taking the piss.

Hibs have kicked up a fuss and been rewarded for it.

This game has no leaders. It is a free for all.

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  • Justshatered says:

    We should be but we won’t.
    That would involve our Board standing up for the support.
    Their employees are regularly assaulted on the park and they sag nothing what’s the chances of them standing up for people they don’t like.

  • Bigchunkylardass says:

    While on the one hand, I do agree with you, particularly if its as a result of hibs having a hissyfit – any yi know its all about anyone but Celtic.
    But, personally, I’ve always thought that finals should be 50/50 split, with any unsold tickets being returned in plenty o time for them to be taken up by the other team.
    Otherwise, it turns cup finals into home games for us or, if we’re no there an transgers are, them, which does then create an advantage that I think other teams supporters should have the opportunity to address.
    It may even encourage other teams supporters to become regular supporters, but that’s just me.


  • James Connolly says:

    Common denominator Rod Petrie hates Celtic loves to get one over us at any opportunity our board need to grow a pair sick of this shambles

  • Hans says:

    An absolute disgrace.

  • Ali Mac says:

    Cup finals should always be a 50/50 split and
    To be fair to Hibs they have sold their allocation out already , if Celtic had done that Hibs would not be getting the extra 2000 tickets .

  • John Paterson says:

    There will be Celtic fans who will be at Easter Rd twice this season who will miss out on a ticket for the final. There will be Hibs fans who won’t be near Easter Rd this season who will get a ticket for the final. There will be Celtic fans who will put more money into Hibernian than some Hibs fans will and will miss out. Scottish football is just farcical at times.

  • scouse bhoy says:

    in reply to ali mac are you saying celtic did not sell their allocation and had spares ?.

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