If Aberdeen Fans Are The Worst To Visit Celtic, Then Hearts Fans Are The Stupidest.

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When, just a week or so ago, I wrote that Aberdeen fans were the most loathsome to visit Celtic Park this season I had no idea that the competition would soon roll into town.

Last night, Hearts fans came to Parkhead. Their attempts to outdo their Pittodrie counterparts in non-stop bile were valiant; they gave it their all but came up short. Lack of imagination, maybe.

Or perhaps simple stupidity. Because they returned to one song over and over again; “Cheerio to ten in a row.”

Which instead of angering me, it struck my funny bone instead.

After all, how can we be expected to take that seriously? How are we meant to respond to that?

Cheerio to one in a row?

A reminder of 1985 and the closest they’ve come since 1959? They are without a major honour since 2012; the Ibrox club now has a better record than that and they were only formed a decade ago.

They haven’t won a League Cup since the sixties.

They have three Scottish Cups in the last 20 years, when those have traded hands more than a scud book on a building site.

No league title in going on seventy years ….

Slagging us for losing one of the last ten. Incredible.

Hearts fans see total solar eclipses more often than trophy winning teams. You can take that slagging from the fans of Ibrox; they actually won the title which stopped us.

Weren’t Hearts in the second tier?

They didn’t even play the most modest part in the campaign except – hilariously – losing to us in the rescheduled Scottish Cup Final albiet on penalties, during the period when we were in the midst of one of the most spectacular collapses in our recent history.

I found them hilarious last night.

The total lack of self-awareness it takes to slag rival fans on the grounds of losing a single league title out of the last ten is breath-taking. The fans around them, who I presume were to be on the end of this, must have been laughing at them. I know I was.

If Aberdeen fans are the most loathsome to visit our ground this season then Hearts fans are far and away the stupidest. One of the sweetest things about that victory last night was knowing how much they’d have been hurting on the way back up the road.

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  • Kyogos Dream Team says:

    The Mini Huns are SCUM like the FILTH oot ae Liebrox! Isn’t it IRONIC baith went intae ADMINISTRATION LOL! No lose any sleep if BAITH AE THEM FUKIN DIE.. FUR GOOD!! WHAHAHAHAHA

  • Tony B says:

    My 2 abiding memories of the Fearts are the suckers throwing their russian hats away in a pile outside Swinie after they had been royally rogered by Mad Vlad…………………….

    and of course, the collective blubbering, weeping and gnashing of wallies on Albert Kidd day.

    Fooking HILARIOUS!

    Hertz fans; stupid then, stupid now, stupid forever.

  • Peter Cassidy says:

    The wee rangers will win nothing better playing rugby $hit team.

  • Lou1998 says:

    We are not as successful because our profits are not built on religion, is singing a song more stupid than showering missiles at a player?

  • Mark Thomson says:

    If you actually look at the demographics, it’s highly doubtful that Hearts fans are “stupid” in comparison to Celtic supporters. I know it’s arbitrary to look at educational standards and average income but these are quite telling metrics. Glad to help.

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