Joy For The Fans As Celtic’s Japanese Bhoy Makes The Cup Final Team!

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Celtic’s Japanese Bhoy Kyogo Furuhashi starts today’s game having won his race against fitness.

The manager, who has been playing it cool for the last fortnight, clearly had a good sense that the player would be ready for this one and he gave him every chance in the run up to the match.

That strategy has paid off, and he’s ready to lead the line.

The lift this will give the whole of the Celtic support, and the team as well you would think, cannot be over-stated. The shockwaves it will send around the hacks and the Hibs camp can be easily imagined.

This is the news that none of them wanted.

But here and on the other Celtic sites, it’s been widely anticipated since Ange refused to rule it out two weeks ago.

Since then, he has gone out of his way not to commit to it in every update, but crucially there was never any point where he gave us any hint that it was going in the other direction.

The manger has been confident about this behind the scenes.

Ange plays it straight. If it had looked impossible he’d have told us that. Idiots in the media thinking it was some kind of double bluff don’t know this man at all. He doesn’t play games like that.

The best indication we had that the player would be fit is that Ange never once ruled him out.

The press is free to interpret the man as they will; we knew better.

This is obviously great news for the fans, and it gives us all yet another major boost as we head into this afternoon’s game. We have the power upfront now to turn their lights out.

Kyogo has the stage his talent deserves. Ange has his talisman in the team.

Onwards to victory now folks, and see you on the other side.

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  • Peter Cassidy says:

    What a player we gojo well done all the team and coaches special congarts to ange lovely.

  • Roonsa says:

    The 2 goals were lovely. We don’t have anyone else in the team who could have done what he did on those 2 occassions. We are lucky to have him.

    If we can go into the Winter Break 4 points behind at most then things are looking good. We need to bolster ASAP because it is now clear our style of play is what causes the injuries when we can’t rotate the squad.

  • Dora says:

    I was too busy moaning about stuff that I missed Kyoga’s goal..what a player we’ve got and the 2nd was a throwback to the original king of kings.
    He is deadly with his movement and his eye for goal.
    Beat the huns and it’s all over!!
    Merry Christmas and FK the huns..

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