Moonhowling Celtic Critics Are Freaking Out Over Just Five Seconds.

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I am forever grateful to people who point me in the direction of a story, and today I’m indebted to my old man for directing me towards comments on the radio tonight which related to Celtic’s alleged “97th minute goal”.

This seems to have gotten under the skins of a lot people including Malky Mackay.

What I heard from my old man, and went to double check for myself, was that the goal was scored on 96 minutes … and five seconds.

So we weren’t deep into another minute as some have suggested or edging closer to twenty which is what you’d expect from some of the hysterical over-reaction, but a mere five seconds over the minimum.

All this squealing over five lousy seconds.

You can’t even use a finger to clean out the inside of your nose properly in five seconds.

Right there is the still photo of the ball coming across; look at that clock. 96:03.

In just two more seconds the ball is in the net.

So honest to God, I don’t even want to hear any more of this pathetic whinging.

It’s quite amusing at the start, but it starts to grate after a while when it’s the opening line to every snide dig at us.

As I said this morning, those added on minutes are a minimum and the ref is supposed to add time for stoppages, including free kicks, goal kicks and corners and there were a bunch of those in that period as we chased the winning goal.

Mackay in particular should be ashamed of his comments, because they were ridiculous.

He either can’t count or doesn’t know the regulations.

To suggest that we were the beneficiaries of some kind of outrageous and unpardonable decision is ridiculous when you consider the red card we suffered. Mackay’s problem is that he had no plan to capitalise on a one-man advantage, and that Ange didn’t back off from trying to win the game.

Everything else is a side-show.

Nobody is going to ask him why he didn’t harder to win and why his side allowed themselves to lose the match so late, so of course the focus will be on Celtic getting some outrageous turn of fortune.

We got what we deserved, and so did they. I understand some people are hurting … but five seconds guys.

That’s what these bitches are squealing about. Pathetic.

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  • Tony B says:

    Starfelt’s first yellow should have been a red card to the Teuchter player for dangerous play.

    The second yellow was a clear dive from the Coonty player which should have resulted in a yellow card for HIM.

    Biased/incompetent refereeing: no doubt about it.

    • Roonsa says:

      I watched the elbow incdent frame by frame from the frame the County player came into shot. His eyes are consistently on the ball. He did not look back, not once.

      Secondly his arms are by his side, not elevated, when his elbow connected. The fact his elbow connects with Starelt’s face and the County player got his head to the ball shows that Starfelt timed his jump poorly.

      The ref was a complete tit for booking Starfelt. There was claret so he should have stopped the game as refs are supposed to do whenever there is a head injury. Starfelt had every right to be angry. However, the County player was NOT at fault, the ref was.

      It should also be noted that before Starfelt’s booking, the ref booked two County players for absolutely hee haw. So the ref was just incomprtent, he wasn’t biased in favour of either team.

      I would actually ask the question should Starfelt have been subbed after the incident. He was clearly incandescent and he wasn’t having one of his better games. As soon as County switched to 2 up front, he was struggling. We had Welsh on the bench so we had a ready made replacement available to us.

  • Alan O'brien says:

    Actually…. if you measure back… the argument should be about when the ball was allegedly cleared…… when Moffat got the ball and moved it to mcgregor to big tam. The ball was at Moffat feet before the start of the 97th minute which meant a celtic attack was underway…. he can’t blow it up in that situation…….

  • Geoff says:

    Quite sure the additional time was for both teams and not just us?
    Just saying.

  • rabhoy67 says:

    Unbelievable, as you’ve said, the 6 minutes is a minimum of time added on, if they had cleared the ball after the corner kick I’m sure the ref would have blown for full time. Anyway all this talk of playing till celtic scored has took away from the fact it should never have been a corner, it should have been a penalty for the hand ball but hey ho.

  • The Real McCoy says:

    Usual refereeing decisions apart. The corner by David Turnbull before the subsequent goal was delayed ( possibly by 5 seconds ?) because of a lack of a football to play with. Craigan joked about it in his “commentary”.

  • John says:

    In my opinion for what its worth we scored in the 90th minute of the game. The clock only ticks on to 96th minute because 6 minutes playing time has been lost during the game mainly by time wasting by the opposition desperately trying to cling on for a point whilst we are trying to win it. Both teams got what they deserved. HH

    • Bigmick says:

      Stop coming on here talking all that sense, John…you’re ruining people’s excuse for a whinge.
      Scottish fitba’ doesn’t need your kind ?

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