More Nonsense From County And The Record As They Make Incredible Celtic Fan Claim.

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You have to laugh.

This afternoon, Ross County are reportedly investigating their own fans for sectarian singing directed at our players after we scored the winner on Wednesday. Not surprising in the least.

This country is full of bigoted fans who’s only recourse when Celtic win is to resort to this disgusting behaviour.

It’s not just confined to Ibrox and its environs.

Now that this story has broken, a lot of people need to climb back into their wee box and give it a rest with their anti-Celtic rot.

In particular, I would hope that Malky Mackay gets a grip on himself.

He dare not utter another word about our fans when his own are now accused of this. He dare not criticise them either; his own past comments were just as bad and should have locked him out of football forever.

He’s very lucky he still has a job.

It shouldn’t surprise us that the reaction to our win has been an outbreak of mass hysteria. Referees got it in the neck by people who couldn’t imagine why we got so much injury time. (I’ll give them a clue; the fourth official counted the stoppages.)

The fans coming onto the pitch broke the self-control of some of them, but then fans shouldn’t on the park as we all know.

But there’s exaggeration and there’s …. well, this.

That is not an exaggeration. That is fantasy land stuff. 3000 fans came onto the park?

Were there even 3000 fans in that stand? Who writes this stuff?

Is their desire to take a shot at us so overwhelming that they don’t care how ridiculous they look in their fury? How did that number ever get past an editor? How did a journalist accept that?

Every time you think these people have climbed to the summit of their irrationality they produce something that makes you think we might still be in the valley of madness instead of peering from the top of the mountain.

That is an embarrassing claim, disproved by the simple act of looking at the pictures as it happened.

But then, we could have said the same about the “seventh minute of injury time” garbage which was so prevalent until somebody pointed out that we got five extra seconds and this was visible on the TV footage.

These people are a joke.

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  • Bigmick says:

    I counted the number of Celtic fans who invaded the pitch, by pausing a recording of the incident.
    I can confirm that in actual fact there were 3,000,000 angry Glaswegians, armed to the teeth with swords and bayonets, hellbent on mayhem and murder.
    I swear to the flying spaghetti monster it’s true.

  • Conor C says:

    No excuse for this but we don’t help ourselves by singing IRA songs. My grandfather was in the IRA in Cork and I am proud to have his medal. However I cringe when I hear the chants at Celtic games. The Manchester bombings etc is what people in the UK 4hink about.
    It has no place at Celtic games

  • Paul mckay says:

    I was at the game and saw it first hand couldn’t believe what I was hearing 50 young ones about 16 years of age singing dirty fenian bastards!!!!

  • Mr Martin Honnor says:

    Spot on James you could count them on your hands and toes the amount of fans on the park and a steward treated in hospital for what .

  • Geoff says:

    Sevco fans at Livvy?
    Well you can understand the exuberance SG!
    Us at County?
    Chaos and disorder
    Must have an enquiry about those disgraceful scenes
    #Packy and Jane

  • scouse bhoy says:

    north korea trump and the imposter in number ten do not have a look in compared to scotlands media shame.

  • Quinny says:

    There’s a massive difference between over exuberance and invading the pitch to cause mischief …. Lisbon 1967 , the Battle of Barcelona whenever , getting caught up in the moment isn’t a crime … get off the Park asap and apologise ….all I can say is it’s a great feeling when Celtic score another last gasp goal …

  • Neil says:

    We seem to be forgetting here that both teams had 7 mins and 5 seconds of injury time to try and win the game – only one team tried to and that was after a blatant penalty wasn’t awarded as well.
    If Ross county hadn’t been wass as ting time since the start as all these teams do then it wouldn’t have been anywhere near 7 mins.

  • Jim Duffy says:

    Scotland is full of this ,every fan of any other club ie Dunfermline St Mirren , Arbroath any team ,they are all Sevco fans when push comes to shove,I work in engurland and a Scottish workmate told me he’s a dumpfermline fan,I wore my Celtic top one day and the bile come out ,why are you wearing that rag ,I said I thought you were a Dunfermline fan but the charade soon wore off ,he showed his true colours like all other Scottish non Celtic fans.

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