Sky’s Smirking Idiot Has Another Go At Celtic And Even His Co-Host Finds It Tiresome.

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Today before a ball was even kicked, before he’d had a chance to nit-pick and find something to gripe and bitch about, Sky Sports Scotland’s Smirking Idiot had already embarrassed himself.

When asked about the early shut-down he went on an incoherent ramble about it being wrong, without giving a single logical reason as to why it was.

I actually wish he’d have been put on the spot on the matter.

I wish he’d been pushed to give a straight and honest answer. It would have been worth it to hear what shambling nonsense poured out of his mouth without a single cell of brainpower behind it.

This reminds me a lot of something I heard about the status of the bug over in the US: they say you can judge pretty accurately whether someone’s been vaccinated or not by asking them how they voted at the last Presidential election.

By the same token, you can usually guess how people feel about the shut-down coming early by asking them which team they support … if that doesn’t tip you off then nothing will.

Ask them to give you logical reasons though and prepare for that flapping sound.

The Smirking Idiot avoided the kind of questioning that would have produced that response, but he was not to be outdone when it came to looking like a clown.

After the match he went on a rant about a Celtic goal that shouldn’t have been given to the extent McFadden was openly mocking him about it. It’s getting that way now; his on-air co-commentators must be embarrassed at having to share a stage with somebody so petty and openly biased.

This is what their bosses have exposed them to, of course; the public ridicule of taking part in a clown show with this muppet. You can tell that some of them are discomfited by it, but what choice do they have?

Their bosses keep putting this guy on the air.

And as long as they do, these folk will continue to be subjected to this kind of grinding humiliation.

The best thing they could do is privately tell their higher-ups that they don’t want to work with him anymore, but as none of them will do that they’re stuck with it.

Sadly, so are we … as amusing as it at times, I think we could all live without having to see him when we put the telly on.

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  • Roonsa says:

    I handed in my notice with Sky Sports after his dig about group stage qualification not being for some. I told Sky why. Perhaps when more Celtic fans do what I did then Sky will do something about it.

    • Saulgoodman says:

      Yeh – cancel sky – coverage scotish fitba is embarrassing- every game every country on your phone – price ? Middle of a doughnut

      • larsson7 says:

        Have complained to Sky about your man through E mails,I will finish my contract and move on.
        The guy is an embarrassment,they will think we’re all like him down south.
        Oh and he’s a bigot.

    • Roonsa says:

      It’s not the cost that made me leave. It’s the shoddy coverage. The SPFL could surely find a better deal which would facilitate a better product to showcase. We had 2 games midweek and a full card the week before that. How many did Sky show? Zero. I guess if the huns were playing an away match one of those nights it would have been a different story.

      There are more options than Sky or BT (whose coverage of Scottish football was vastly superior to Sky’s). Amazon aren’t exactly short of subscribers or a few bob. Couldn’t something (a little bit more Boyd free) be arranged with them? Sky’s coverage is woeful. Time to move on.

  • Peter Cassidy says:

    Just a bigot and we pay him to talk bull$hit.

  • SEAN DALY says:

    I have given enough money to sky over the decades and I thought that they might eventually remove the utterly biased and incompetent Chris Boyd from their team – or at least from games involving Celtic. Sky now cancelled and I hope other people follow.
    They should not be receiving any subscriptions from Celtic supporters.

  • Charles says:

    Couldn’t agree more the man is a bafoon and shouldn’t be on the program

  • Anthony Mcquade says:

    Eventually Sky will realise that their brand is being associated with an idiot and he will vanish from their screens
    Won’t be long !

  • Paul Dolan says:

    This would be that kris the idiot boyde who has a problem with celtic not got a nice thing 2 say about i talk pish but this guy no 1 has a look in when he talks chris boyd do all a favour quit if u nothin nice 2 say about celtic say nothin & do us all celtic fans a favour shutup idoit c’mon the hoops.?????

  • Arthur Crichton says:

    I can’t understand why there are people out here who don’t yet understand why Celtic minded people are paranoid!

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