Some Fringe Players Were In The Celtic Squad At Perth, But Their Time Is Up.

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There will be no third chances. There will be no shock reprieves.

Two of the Lost Bhoys, Barkas and the elusive Bolingoli, made the squad in Perth and the big keeper started the game, but these guys had their chance earlier in the season and they flogged it.

This was not rehabilitation. It was necessity.

They were at Perth because, to be frank, we were all out of options.

I don’t expect we’ll ever see either of them in a Celtic team again.

I wanted them both to succeed. I defended both of them on this blog.

I was defending Barkas when nobody else did. But he had his chance to show us what he could do. Ange gave everyone a clean bill of health and a fresh start and neither of these guys was up to it.

They will never get another one, and it’s a great shame.

They should have been huge successes at our club.

They cost us enough, they and the other great failure of Lennon’s second tenure, Albian Ajeti. And to think one prominent Celtic blogger promoted Lennon’s hiring with the words “he knows how to spend your money.”

Yeah, on second rate junk.

I cannot remember ever being quite so frustrated at Celtic players than I am about those three, and you have to think Ajeti doesn’t have much longer at Parkhead either. He has shown little flashes of something but nowhere enough to justify keeping him.

You get the feeling that his own chance was the one he just had, and which ended in his injury.

Ange has clearly planned ahead here.

He’s bringing in a left back and a striker; that spells the end for two out of the three.

He gave new contracts to Bain and to Hazard.

That spells the end for the keeper, and there’s no way we can afford to have a £6 million international sitting on the bench every week and never seeing game time, even if he was capable of being the understudy to Joe Hart which he shows no signs that he is.

Sometimes it doesn’t work out for players at certain clubs.

Sometimes the pressure of it kills them.

I think of the three Bolingoli has been most ill-used, but that argument would be easier to stand up if he hadn’t also acted like the biggest fool. Ajeti has had the most chances to impress and still hasn’t looked as if he’s got that much to offer.

I have very reluctantly let these guys go.

I have very reluctantly come to the conclusion that their time is up.

A lot of fans arrived there a lot quicker.

Ange wanted to see what they had before he passed judgement, and he’s more qualified than any of us.

I have no doubt that he’s made his decision.

They took their final bow as Celtic players at Perth.

If we hadn’t been so short they wouldn’t even have gotten that.

For these three expensive flops, it was last orders at the bar a while back.

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  • Roonsa says:

    This is one of the reasons I think Ange needs time to build his squad. After the St Mirren game I really couldn’t believe some of the comments here.

    If last season showed us anything it was that we need to stop this short term mentality of anything to get one over the huns. The 10 consumed us as it did them. They did what they needed to stop us and they won. It should never have happened but we didn’t have the right men from the start when it became apparent that 10 was a real possibility.

    We still don’t have the right men, in my opinion, at board level. But in Ange I see someone with a vision. I genuinely believe we have a man who sees the huns as just another domesic team and he wants bigger fish than that to fry.

    Going back to my original point, players like Barkas, Bolongoli and (the worst of all) Ajeti , these guys were all inherited by Ange. He must be given time to dispose of the chaff and cultivate his own squad.

    I am being honest and will say I think the League is 40-60 against us if even that. We will give it a good crack but such is the nature of the SPFL that you can’t afford even a handful of slip-ups and we are already at that point. We lost our first 3 away games remember.

    Ange needs, I would say, 2 full seasons to have everything in place. I hope the fans give him that. It’s not his fault he was landed with the garbage highlighted in this article.

  • Hugh Gerard says:

    I think we expected too much too soon from Barkas so I would give him till end of season. It has been a long time since we watched a Celtic keeper take cross balls like he did at Perth, that is what gives defense confidence.

  • John says:

    I agree that none of these players have a long term future at Celtic but under the present circumstances with covid and injuries I would be in no rush to push anyone out the door until suitable replacements are on board.
    Had Barkas not been around Sunday we would have been forced to play young Mullen and whilst Im sure he is a fine young keeper, it would have been a big ask.

  • Henry says:

    Can’t disagree with this. Would probably add Soro to the list. Just wish they would give more opportunities to Henderson who he will be going too.

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