The Cameron Carter Vickers Story Smells Suspiciously Like Anti-Celtic Garbage.

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If you’ve woken up this morning and saw Cameron Carter Vickers all over your timeline you should know that all the stories – including those which are running on Celtic sites – are taking their cue from The Daily Record, who are claiming an “exclusive.”

You know, like all those ones linking the club across town to various players and linking Morelos and Hagi with moves for massive fees.

This is the paper which got every single Ibrox story in the last fortnight 100% wrong and this one comes from one of the writers at that rag who writes almost exclusively on their club.

The way I see it, there are two real issues here, and the first is; how much do you trust the writers at The Daily Record to know stuff this big?

The answer I’d give is that it reads like something dredged up on an internet forum and presented as Actual News.

The second thing is this; the writer is claiming to know of the exact clauses in the guy’s contract.

How likely do you think that is?

There’s only one place information that important could have come from, and that’s inside Celtic Park so if you believe the writer – and it’s a ridiculous suggestion – then we don’t have a mole as much as we have a rat in the house.

Because only a rat would leak that kind of information to a tabloid which hates our guts, at such a critical time in the current campaign. Now, I ask again; how likely is it that someone at Celtic picked up a phone, called this eejit up and gave him this story?

There are a lot of Celtic sites which have lent this credibility today; that’s entirely up to them and if it got them some hits then maybe that’s all that matters, but considering the source, and what had to happen for The Record to get this story right, I personally would not have touched it with a 20-foot pole except to do as I’m doing here.

Let’s, for one minute, give the writer an incredible amount of “benefit of the doubt” though; let’s say that some piece of shit inside Celtic Park is leaking sensitive information to a newspaper which hates our living guts.

Do a proper read of it, instead of glancing at the headline.

Even if some of the facts are correct, which I doubt, there’s enough wiggle room in that story that mosasaurs could swim through it.

Imagine the clauses exist, the two that he claims, that would raise the price to £10 million.

What are they? He never reveals that.

For all we know one could be that Cameron Carter Vickers plays 10 games for England, or that he plays 20 in the Champions League … I mean this is all distant ifs, buts and maybes.

For all we know there could be a £4 million add-on fee if the guy runs down Argyle Street wearing his birthday suit. It’s about as likely to be that as this story being based on facts.

But even in the event – the unlikely event – that this story isn’t a work of Tuesday night fiction from a hack who hasn’t got his numbers for the last month and needs a big start to this one, Celtic would almost certainly not actually have to pay £10 million for Cameron Carter Vickers in the summer window.

And for that reason alone, the story is plainly idiotic.

Honestly, this is a bad way to start the day, a report which is plainly designed to stir some soup and send people panicking. It’s not the only story in mainstream press since the weekend which casts doubt over our loanees.

You always know that Celtic is building something and playing well when this kind of stuff starts to happen.

People are seriously rattled here.

And they should be, but not the Celtic fans, and not by dreck like this.

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  • Pete says:

    Only reason I ever hear of anytime that gutter rag prints is coz you’re reading it JF. Give it a rest or have a heart attack?

  • AllaboutCeltic says:

    I can absolutely vouch that this story is 100% nonsense, and I haven’t even read it. The reason I’m so sure is because when I saw the headline yesterday, I almost clicked on the link, then I noticed that it was “The Celtic Bhoys” forum who were posting it. If anyone has ever read this forum, they will know themselves that it always gives clickbait headlines (like the SMSM), and then when you go on the site, it’s all anti-Celtic pash.

    Now I’m not sitting here all green goggled and think every story I read should be telling me how wonderful life is at Celtic Park and being a Celtic supporter. However, you would have to go a long way back to find a morsel of positive news written about Celtic.

    I’ve called them out on their own site a few times, but it was like talking to the Celtic board. I’ve also requested that they remove the name “Celtic” from their title and rename themselves *the Raijurs Racist, or something similar, as their articles favour the klan across the city far much more than they are Celtic. You certainly would think so if you just have someone the story and leave out who wrote it.

    Anyway, for the above reasons only, I reiterate that I can absolutely vouch that this story is 100% nonsense as it was featured in “The Celtic Bhoys”.

    Only a couple of people including the player know what’s written in the contracts, so unless Nicholson, Bankier, Dermott, or maybe even Ange or CCV has squealed, this is as authentic as the forum “The Celtic Bhoys”


  • Steven R says:

    Going by their track record (no pun intended), please allow me to write my own headline, and get this “exclusive” into the mainstream…


    The story begins when CCV becomes subject of the BBC excellent Who Do You Think You Are? tv series. On delving deep into Cameron’s family tree, it is found that his great-great-great grandfather’s mother’s sister’s next-door neighbour knows a guy that owned the entirety of the Caribbean islands, and that, since no direct family could be traced, CCV has inherited enormous wealth by default. It is then revealed that his great granny sooked the boaby of one of the Gallant Pioneers, meaning that he has a direct (though extremely tenuous) link to the original club. CCV decides to buy Rangers, bring them out of liquidation, and buys an enormous mansion in South Lanarkshire – most likely in the Motherwell area. And they all loved happily ever after!!

    My “exclusive” is more likely than any of the Turkish Delight that gets published in the Deadly Rectum!! ?

  • Finbar muldoon says:

    Why doesn’t the daily ranger ask how much money sevco still owe Liverpool for kent? HH

  • The Bunnet says:

    Regardless of whether the story is true or not, both CCV & Jota have already proved their worth to Celtic this season and if we have an option to buy both then get the deals done now.
    Celtic being Celtic, we’ll delay and delay and by the time we get around to it, other clubs will have been in touch with the players agents with more wages and they’ll be off elsewhere.

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