The Celtic Fans Need United Leadership. Petty Fights And Egotism Will Not Help Us.

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It’s not a secret to even the most casual reader of this blog that I think our fans should be united and working to reform our club and our wider game.

I am not suggesting protest marches, demonstrations or anything as dramatic as that; simply that we support those who are dedicated to those aims and that we do whatever we can, within our own limits, to lend a hand.

Contrary to what some people believe, I don’t see myself taking any organisational role and it’s not because I’m lazy or lack the skill-set for it. I don’t lack the motivation either.

I will devote endless time to promoting those causes, and work my balls off in my own way.

No, I lack one vital ingredient; any desire to be at the centre of things.

I am not an egotist. I don’t need to be The Man or anything ridiculous like that.

I don’t want credit, I don’t want notoriety, I don’t want to be famous amongst my peers.

Folks, it really is simple … I just want us to win.

Give me someone to follow here and I’ll give it my all. I’ll pledge my allegiance to a flag and fight like Hell. But in the background. Leave the frontline roles for those who are interested in that.

The only problem is that a lot of the people I’d follow are arguing with one another, and others who could play a role want nothing to do with it. Some think the whole thing is beneath them.

Others think that the board is doing just fine or want to protect the cushy relationships they have with them.

Some of those folk are lost to us. Others are not.

It’s those who I know are devoted to getting something done who infuriate me right now.

Those who are battling with one another over forms of words and other such nonsense seem to me to be more obsessed with personal crap than with coming together for the greater good.

All of them agree that this board has outlived its usefulness, but work as one?

They seem unable to put aside their personal grievances long enough.

And if they don’t do it then those of us who want to see the Wilson’s and Desmond’s and Bankier’s moving on are going to be waiting until hell freezes over before there’s real action on it.

My concern here is that a split clearly benefits the status quo.

I know many of these people personally and others by reputation; all of them love our club and understand the imperative to get changes both at our boardroom level and the governing bodies of our game.

I know that they are capable. All are smart and dedicated.

You cannot see what some of them have put into their campaigns and have the least doubt about their commitment.

Why can’t these people work together?

An age old story.

Egotism, personality clashes and roaring stupidity.

I’ve seen it happen and I’ve seen it break what would have been otherwise successful campaigns.

It can be enormously damaging.

I have no dog in this fight, and I want to make that clear right now.

Because I don’t think it’s a fight that should be happening.

I know some of the personalities more than the others, as I’ve said, but I simply want to see Celtic succeed and I believe that for us to reach our potential we need major changes at boardroom level.

So when I say I don’t care who sits at the top of the campaign I mean it. I just want to win and right now the people who should be coming together and working as a team are the greatest obstacle to doing that.

And that will be hard for some of them to hear; it needs to be hammered home all the more because of that, because if these people are willing to get together in private and hash this out this entire club will be better off for it.

Working together they can do great things.

Division will make the job impossible.

They all should be challenged on what they actually care about; Celtic or their own personal grievances?

If they can put those aside it’s all systems go.

If they can’t or won’t then they are doomed to utter failure.

If this support is to push our club to change the support needs unified leadership.

Without the second, the first is pointless.

People can either spend their time bickering or put Celtic first.

What’s it going to be folks?

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  • John S says:

    Exemplifies why politics has no place at Celtic Park.

    • scouse bhoy says:

      /i would say collecting for foodbanks is in a way political. it is telling those millionaires who are in power that they are not doing the job that they were elected for. levelling up ? aye right.

  • Anthony Mcquade says:

    If I suggested that Higgins role is to disband Green Brigade /North Curve would you be surprised ?
    No I didn’t think you would

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