The Green Brigade Has Set Its Position Out. Celtic Only Has To Meet Them Halfway.

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Last night, The Green Brigade set out their position in relation to continuing the silent protest.

They told Celtic that if Michael Nicholson agrees to meet with them, or one of the other Celtic fan groups who are vocally opposed to the appointment of Higgins that they will put the protests on hold.

Not end them, but put them on hold pending talks.

That seems to me a wholly fair and reasonable position.

Celtic can do us all a favour by meeting them halfway and then negotiating in good faith.

I know the directors want to present this as an “operational matter” and one that is beneath the comprehension of mere mortals, but that’s part of the problem here. You don’t have to be a genius to recognise that there are other people who could do this job; their courting of this man is an insult to the many Celtic fans who he helped criminalise.

The board must now know that his hiring will be untenable.

How big a backlash do they want to provoke?

The fans have made it clear how they feel – indeed, in all my time as a Celtic supporter, not just as a blogger but as an ordinary fan, this has resulted in the greatest concentration of opposition since the days of the old board.

To hire him now would be to put two fingers up to the people who keep the lights on at Celtic.

This board can only push the average supporter so far.

These people have no divine right to make this club in their own image, and by this point it must be obvious to everyone that ego is what’s driving this more than anything else.

Or they would already have moved on.

The Green Brigade and other fan groups have set them a challenge now; take one step towards us and we’ll take two towards you. All these guys want is a chance to sit down with the decision makers and get their point across on this issue.

Here’s what muddies the waters somewhat; Michael Nicholson has already met fan reps recently, and I know that for a fact.

He’s met with the Association in the last few weeks, but as per usual they aren’t publicising what was discussed at the meeting, nor did they tell their members beforehand that it was taking place, as that would have made it too easy for the membership to seek answers on this matter.

So let’s presume that when the Green Brigade and is asking for a meeting that it’s with people they know will ask those hard questions and get the job done.

Celtic has been offered an olive branch here.

If they throw it back in the faces of the Trust and The Green Brigade and the other fan groups who are angered by this mooted appointment then fan anger shouldn’t be turned against fellow fans … it should be turned, ever more, where it belongs.

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  • AllaboutCeltic says:

    First & foremost, I totally agree that Higgins is a despicable choice of candidate and a slap in the face to EVERY Celtic supporter.

    Niall J wrote a good piece in the Celtic Star on why he thinks the board are pursuing this appointment, and although he did state that he has no proof that what he wrote was factual, it did make a lot of sense.

    However, and it’s a big however…The GB/NC have been holding the proverbial gun to the head of the board in recent years for the dismissal of certain people or other things changed in how the club is run, or what they feel the club should be fighting the various associations in which Celtic ply their trade. Let’s say that Celtic did decide employing Higgins, where would the GB/NC turn their attention to next. Bankier, Nicholson or even Desmond himself???

    Having read your blog for some time now, I know you’re a bit of a film buff, so you’ll understand that the rule they absolutely always abide with is the fact that they never negotiate with the captures or blackmailers. That might be an extreme comparison, but the point being that if they agree to (Higgins), then who would be next in the crosshairs of the GB/NC, as I don’t think anyone believes that they would simply accept it and just go to Celtic Park to watch football and support the team.

    Like many Celtic supporter, I’m extremely tired of the continuous protesting and just want to go to Celtic Park to watch the team I have loved and supported all my life. Most supporters work hard all week to be able to go to the football, and for many, this is the only time they get to get away from the house and forget all other troubles they have in their lives, only to get there and see that a small section of the supporters have yet another protest.

    Protest by all means, but please please keep it out the ground and let the rest of us watch and enjoy our football team.


    • Roonsa says:

      Brilliantly stated. I am not sure about the last paragraph though. I think the GB, overly self important as they are, have done some good stuff and are an important section of the support especially in terms of atmosphere.

      It’s when it comes down to the pathetic displays of “it’s all about us” (the tenny baws thing at Dens for example) that they really need to rap it. The FCUK UEFA thing is tiresome as well.

      However, on this issue they are very much on the money. Higgins is a c**t and should not be allowed anywhere near any football club’s boardroom, especially Celtic’s.

      How about, for once, the rest of the Celtic support get behind the GB and show a bit of unity? We could all make the point that it is a one issue truce and all bets are off after that because we’re sick of their collective narcissm.

      Maybe they’ll appreciate the gesture and start to self police themselves a bit better. Just a thought.

      On way …… mon the Hoops.

  • Chas McAlindon says:

    Am I missing something? Is a silent protest not going to be detrimental to the atmosphere, thus giving away it’s advantage to the team. Surely the board have been trying to silence the GB for quite a while now. The board will be well aware of the fan groups position on the matter, so this seems a petty protest. Let’s just get on with cheering the team and wait now for what may or may not happen.

  • John says:

    Agree with all of the points made here so far. If they’re not happy with the way the club is run then don’t renew your season ticket and give the rest of us peace. Sick of reading about them now

  • Bill says:

    The Green Brigade think they hold the leverage in their disagreements with the board. Minority view I’m sure but I hope the board call their bluff. I don’t want Higgins anymore than anyone else but I also don’t want a group of fans that periodically decide to withhold their support from the team in the pitch to call the shots.

  • Geoff says:

    I’m still confused
    Has anyone actually said this guy is getting employed by Celtic?

  • Richie Hearns says:

    Get it done I will not be quiet at any time on iSunday there is as middle ground find it.

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