The Kyogo News Is Great For Celtic, But Let’s Not Look Too Far Ahead With It.

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Kyogo Furuhashi may not be out for as many weeks as we all thought and as our rivals had hoped.

I said to friends and family members that when Ange was quoted as saying “it doesn’t look good” that he may have been referring more to the situation than the injury, but I have to be honest I was more than convinced we’d not see the player again this year.

The news is better. We think. But until the results of the scan are known we shouldn’t get too excited. Even if it isn’t serious – and Ange as much as said so – there will still be a recovery period and there are no guarantees that he’ll be at Hampden.

The very last thing we want do, if we’ve got this lucky, is jeopardise our good fortune by rushing him back too soon.

That virtually guarantees that we’ll be back cursing our luck before we know it.

Ange will know this. The player will know this.

I hope the fans also know this.

From thinking it was madness to put him on the pitch in the Betis game, I can see a lot of people being uncomprehending if he isn’t rushed back.

Ange is too strong a character to bow to that, but I can still imagine people pulling their hair out.

Still, from the way the manager was talking yesterday we’re not looking at as big a problem as we’d thought, something that would rule him out all the way through until the winter break was up.

We have just caught a break, the first time one of these injuries has gone this way.

If it’s what it looks like we should thank God for it enjoy the moment.

Because I can tell you this, the moment his name features on a team-sheet every single one of our rivals and enemies will be cursing their own luck and cursing his name.

Coupled with Celtic going on the offensive – at last – at the way he’s been smeared, I can well imagine their frustration and anger. And you know what? It makes me all smiley.

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  • Finbar muldoon says:

    Clyde superscoreboard panellists won’t be happy. Especially shug “if rangers beat hearts they”ll be 7 points clear” keevins. And if my Auntie had a pair of baws, she’d be my uncle. HH

  • Bigmick says:

    I get that it was far from ideal to play Kyogo…granted, it was a bit risky, and by no means am i suggesting Ange is above criticism.
    Fair criticism is health…over the top condemnation, driven by fear and sheer panic is entirely different.
    Essentially our manager was being heavily criticised, even ridiculed, by OUR OWN ‘FANS’… for what? For choosing a FIT AND AVAILABLE FOR SELECTION squad member.
    What in the name of fuck is going on? Tell you what; our fans are getting as bad as that lot in Govan.

  • ?Green Machine? says:

    We know Kyogo,s name Alone puts the Fear in Them.Shower of spiteful Lowlifes the lot of Them.

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