The Media Reaction To Kyogo’s Goal Gets More Hysterical With The Scotsman’s VAR Snark.

Image for The Media Reaction To Kyogo’s Goal Gets More Hysterical With The Scotsman’s VAR Snark.

According to The Scotsman tonight, VAR will almost certainly pass and be implemented by this time next year; no real news, I hear you say, but the writer of the piece couldn’t help himself but to throw in a reference to our goal against Hearts.

“(Ibrox) manager Giovanni van Bronckhorst and Dundee United boss Tam Courts publicly backed it earlier this week on the back of Kyogo Furuhashi’s controversial goal for Celtic against Hearts on Thursday,” the writer threw in just for the Hell of it.

This is unreal. These people have totally gone off the deep end because of that decision. All of a sudden it is a driver behind the need to implement video assisted refs?

What bullshit. Almost every club in the country supports this technology; Celtic have been long-standing advocates of it and the Scotsman writer – Angus Wright, whoever he is – is basically just using the piece as a means of expressing his own displeasure.

We were playing Hearts. Neither Ibrox’s manager or Dundee Utd’s manager had anything to say about the decision in midweek, to the best of my knowledge. Both clubs have previously said that they support the technology. That entire paragraph is dishonest.

Can you believe that our game was only on Thursday? An entire rainforest would have given its life to commentary on that single decision if we didn’t have the internet; I dread to think what the carbon footprint generated by this story has been.

I have to admit, in the aftermath of the game I found the initial bitching and bleating over this to be pretty funny; now it’s started to rip the knitting a wee bit. We’ve had an entire season of Honest Mistakes, some of them quite horrendous.

None has generated the sound and fury of this one.

These pitiful bitches need to get on with it, as we’re always told to do. Technology driven reform is on the way, but I’ll tell you this right now; it is not Celtic who have the most to fear from it. That’s why this site and all the others in our sphere are wholly behind the change. My only regret is that we have to wait another twelve months for it to come.

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  • Finbar muldoon says:

    Hope there’s another contentious decision in our favour tomorrow. Get it right roon them. HH

  • Scouse bhoy says:

    Where was all the reaction of two wrong decisions when we played them at at tyncastle ?. Paranoid not us

  • REBELLIOUS says:

    Still James, it’s great to witness that lot and others having to endure what is normally at least a once a week occurrence for Celtic fans.

    I knew it would take something like this to get the ball rolling, so, VAR here we come…

    I’d bet every penny I’m every likely to hold that once it’s installed and up and running, that lot will be whinging the arse off everyone, every SINGLE WEEK… asking for its removal.

    And me, I cannae wait fr that HEHEHEHEHEHE

  • Bob (original) says:

    Has The Rangers informed the SFA yet, which Lodges will be ‘hosting’ the VAR teams…?

  • Jim Duffy says:

    What do we expect only in this small minded parochial country ,these people get away with it week in week out ,where was the big furore when abadas goal was chalked off wrongly for offside ,where were all the paper column inches , nowhere , Scotland whether we like it or not is a backward bigoted masonic stupid little country,the irony is the SNP trying to win over Sevco Hun votes ,does sturgeon and co not know that Sevco and the peepul are loyalist unionist British right wing conservatives, when will they ever learn,the last thing the Huns want is to break away from her Maj and the UK,god forbid it ever happens because Scotland will be even more masonic orange than it is now,it will be ruled by inbred fuckwits that all have surnames for Christian names ,ie Crawford Findlay Fraser Campbell Forbes etc you get the drift it’s like the Scottish egg chasers.

  • Sophie Johnstone says:

    It’ll be the same incompetence from the same monkeys VAR will change nothing

  • John S says:

    Appointments to positions of influence (e.g. refs/var) will be fundamental.

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