The Media’s Latest Anti-Celtic Angle Is Bottom Scraping Nonsense About Joe Hart.

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The Scottish media is wetting its pants over the latest anti-Celtic piece of Ibrox feel-good puff stuff today with articles on how Allan McGregor is winning an online UEFA poll against Joe Hart.

As if there is a living soul on this planet of sound mind who actually cares.

The Evening Times has suggested that this “gets one over on Celtic” as if we’d lost our cup final place on the back of it, or league points were being added to the Ibrox total, or if Joe Hart was going to be suspended because McGregor came out on top.

And of course none of that is true, as this has precisely zero impact in the real world.

Ibrox fans may gloat over it for a day or two but actually they might be surprised to learn that there are no prizes for it and “bragging rights” are offer only the most pitiful return.

Their fans are actually slagging the poll because, in their view, the issue isn’t up for debate because McGregor conceded less goals in the Europa League groups than Hart did.

But of course he did, as his team was playing in one of the lowest quality sections in the whole competition. And they have somehow qualified on seven points when we’re out and have a chance to take nine from a vastly tougher campaign.

They really do love the little victories, probably as a consequence of not really having had too many of the real ones.

There is something pathetic about it, and about the way the media fawns all over this stuff as if it mattered, as if it was game-changing, as if it was not the result of Ibrox fan forums trying to maximise their vote because this stuff dreadfully seriously.

It’s a joke poll, a piece of off-field fluff which of course the press elevated to a matter of significance only after McGregor had won.

It’s up there with the nonsensical FIFA 22 ranking stories or the Transfermarkt valuations or Kieran Maguire talking pish about the Europa League exit costing us £40 million when you add up all the money we could have had had we won the thing.

Our media really does focus on, and write some, utter trash.

But anything goes as long as it has an anti-Celtic slant.

It really does get beyond a joke at times.

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  • Finbar muldoon says:

    It’s up there with The “we parked a tank outside the Bristol, and never got done with the polis Cup”. HH

  • Bigmick says:

    It’s time we just rolled over and accepted our place in the natural order,eh!
    If we were to be crowned Champions of Europe (AGAIN) they’d still find a stick to beat us with/dilute the achievement/call us lucky etc etc…let them all lie in their vomit.

  • Tommy Kennedy says:

    We have always known that the media will try and put us down every chance they get and the latest nonsense and nonstory about the goalkeepers just sums them up.try as they might they will never get the better of GLASGOW CELTIC

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