The Media’s Narrative On Today’s News Is Dishonest. This Primarily Impacts Celtic.

Image for The Media’s Narrative On Today’s News Is Dishonest. This Primarily Impacts Celtic.

The press is so fundamentally dishonest at times in how it goes about its business that it makes me honestly furious.

They are spinning today’s announcement from Nicola Sturgeon as “bad news for the Old Firm.”

Even if such an entity existed, it’s bad news only for Celtic.

To try to pretend that both clubs are equally sharing the pain is a brazen lie.

So is the way in which they are handling what Ange said at his presser earlier.

He specifically said that the club has to follow what the government says; he did not mention whether or not he thought the football authorities should intervene for the good of the game.

The press will try to suggest that he’s saying we just get on with it, but it distorts the context.

“Of course, my preference is to play with supporters in there, even with a reduced capacity,” he said. “As with all these things we have to follow the guidelines and the protocols in place and just get on with it.”

In other words, we’ll do it if it’s forced on us.

But nobody asked him if it should be. Nobody asked him if the games should be called off.

He wants to focus, anyway, on the one which is going ahead, at St Mirren.

The media’s agenda and strategy is obvious here; to blow as much smoke as they can around the idea that the game should be called off until after the split. Any serious discussion about that subject would conclude that it would be a travesty to play these games as they are scheduled when our club is so blatantly disadvantaged by them.

The burden of this disproportionately falls on our club, and unless that’s part of the conversation then the conversation is being held on a fraudulent basis.

Whilst it’s obvious that most clubs will be hurting as a result of this, the Ibrox club won’t be one of them and we will lose two major home games with impacts not only on our football chances but on our bottom line.

Let’s not pretend this hits all clubs equally.

Anyone who tries to is up to no good.

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  • Stephen says:

    Bring the winter break forward. That’s the fairest option for all clubs affected. Surely anyone can see that.

    • Damian says:

      Why? Do you think it will be back to normal in three weeks? How much fixture congestion do you want later in the season (almost certainly still with no fans)?

  • Kyogos Dream Team says:

    The FILTH get tae play their 2 HARDEST games against 500 fans &, then guess whit they’ll have 50k Knuckodraggaz back in fur the Nxt set ae games! Shut the Fukin Lg doon & play these games April/May time! If there’s NAE Fans fae Jan-March then at least it’s a Level playing field! If the Hibs game goes ahead ramorra wae 17k ABSOLUTELY no way these games should have reduced attendances! Fukin Dancin STILL OPEN.. I MEAN WHIT THE FUK?? DAE THE WANES DANCE ROON A FUKIN MAYPOLE SOCIALLY DISTANCED!!

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