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The Weekend Will See McGregor Graduate As A Trophy Winning Celtic Captain.

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The talk at Celtic right now is of total belief coursing through the squad.

That comes, in no small part, from the manager but I have to think that it comes from the captain as well, and we are fortunate to have a captain here who has been over the course and won things and who can steer those players who have yet to into their own place in history.

But this is a huge weekend for Callum McGregor.

It is the weekend where he steps out from the shadow of Scott Brown and the other men who have had the armband at our club to become a trophy winner in his own right. It is a huge moment for him.

I know there is a lot of debate over this, but I never, for one minute, believed that we had a better candidate for the role than McGregor. He was a natural fit. And it was important, I think, to have that continuity and that link with the Quadruple Treble side.

Who else was going to do it? We have other leaders in the team – Ralston is developing into a potentially great one in my view – but Callum McGregor is the man.

You can see him now during games as he urges others on, and in how he takes responsibility. I think he’s had some poor performances of late – I hate to say that – but he does what big players do; he keeps on going, he never hides, he does not quit.

And when he digs deep and he’s in the right head-space and he’s driving forward I still do not believe that there is a better midfield player in this country than him, and this is not by a narrow margin but by a country mile. He will be massive for us on Sunday.

It is an enormous day for him and for Ange.

These two men know the huge importance of this piece of silverware; not just the first of the season but the first for this club in its current incarnation. Players become serial winners out of habit; you need that first triumph to set you on your way and there are a lot of guys in this team who’ve not done that yet.

And so they will look to those guys who have been there, seen it and done it.

They will look to Hart, to Rogic and to Callum McGregor. They will look to Forrest if he’s fit.

These men have been through the fires and emerged with the prizes in their hands.

Callum needs this as much as any of them. Because although he has all that prior success this one is special, this is his first as the leader. He has earned this. Now he only has to grab it.

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