With Every Anti-Celtic Rant From Boyd, Sky Sports Scotland’s Credibility Shrinks.

Image for With Every Anti-Celtic Rant From Boyd, Sky Sports Scotland’s Credibility Shrinks.

Of all the people who I get a kick out of watching lose it over Celtic getting decisions, seeing the twisted face of the professional troll as he tries to control himself is definitely the highlight.

Seeing him last night, as he struggled to contain himself, failed and then hurled himself into madness, brought forth genuine tears of laughter. He was practically foaming at the mouth.

His lack of self-control is hilarious.

It was a scenery chewing meltdown which must have had some of those in the Sky Sports Scotland department cringing. There was not the remotest pretence of either objectivity or professionalism.

The bile rose, and the bias poured out of him like projectile vomit.

Watching it later, after returning from the game, it was impossible not to laugh uproariously at it.

How much longer can they justify putting this clown on the air?

How much longer can they continue to lend credence to the idea that this joker has anything to say that the average person needs to hear? If the intention is to go down the road of turning their Scottish show into a bizarre cartoon then they should be congratulated, because they are succeeding.

If they want it to be taken seriously as a counterpart to their English coverage, where they have smart and capable people then they could not have conjured up a more dismal failure if they’d put Jim Traynor in charge of the operation.

His meltdown was funny for Celtic fans, but there were many thousands of others who must have watched him incredulously, and wondered what the Hell the value in having someone so obviously non-neutral and stone stupid to boot on the show actually was?

Sky Sports viewers have been spoiled by some outstanding analysts down through the years … this is dumbing down to a fare-thee-well and if it was a trend across all their coverage that would be one thing. But this seems limited to their Scottish coverage only.

In a crowded field, this guy is quite simply the dumbest and most unprofessional person with a media gig in the whole of the country.

Nobody seriously views him as a genuine broadcaster. Everyone, even those who cheerlead him on, recognise his role as less about giving a sensible opinion than with stirring the soup.

Celtic won’t ban him at the moment, but if they wanted to then nobody could realistically question the decision on the grounds that he’s a journalist.

One day he will go too far, and then a ban will certainly follow, and on that day I don’t believe a single member of the media would stand with him because I think the majority of them do realise that he’s a drag on their own reputations.

This is a country filled to the brim with intelligent and skilful people.

Are Sky Sports Scotland really trying to tell us that this is the best they can do?

Put him on some panel show, airing at midnight, and let him talk as much bullshit as he can get out of his mouth. But to pretend that this eejit is a capable of reasoned analysis is laughable.

Even if he were not shamelessly biased and bitter and unable to hide either, he lacks both the brain cells and the electricity to fire them up, and which would enable him to offer even the most basic pub-talk level assessment of a game and what unfolded in it.

This is not really a reflection on him, although he would be more bearable if he had an ounce of self-control and could behave with some decorum instead of acting, always, like a sneering halfwit; but honestly, you cannot expect this sub-basement intellect to suddenly become John Motson.

The fault, as I’ve said, lies with those who believe he has some level of skill, some ability which must be hidden from the rest of us.

It’s the people who pay this guy to appear on the telly who are the problem.

Their credibility takes a tanking every time he’s on the air.

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  • Joseph Mcaleer says:

    And how many other ex Sevco employees are with Scottish media,, radio, etc.far too many.

  • Seán McManus says:

    Agree with every word you said James,
    I watched the sky sports coverage here in Irreland and I can’t understand why this guy is fronting their coverage of Scottish football.
    Surely there are more articulate, intelligent pundits out there.
    BT sport coverage last year was far superior.
    I think Scottish football is getting a raw deal from Sky.
    As for Boyd it’s plain to see what his agenda is.
    Horrible little Cretin. HH

  • Gerry says:

    I am going to cancel Sky unless they get rid of this clown.

  • REBELLIOUS says:

    Only 1 requirement for Sly Sports to employ him and that’s being an OB.

    • Larsson7 says:

      Myself (have complained twice about “(Boydy) “along with others have registered our voices,regarding him on Sky.
      He unfortunately lost his brother,surely he would have a different outlook on life.
      I actually got a reply from Sky today.
      Whats the saying you reap what you so.
      When my contact with Sky is finished I’m out.
      Hit them where it hurts

      • Roonsa says:

        I cancelled today. I contacted them to them why. This was their response.

        Sky Sports employ many ex-players to ensure both a love for, as well as
        a deeper working knowledge of, the game is brought to our productions.
        All of those ex-players are passionate about their former teams and
        sometimes this is more evident than others. It is certainly not
        something we discourage, and we believe the overall balance in our
        output is still very much achieved.

        I replied to point out that passion for your ex team should never equate to trolling opposition fans.

        Sky are definitely courting the blue poun’. It’s like they are the new customer and we are being taken for granted. It is actually more than that. They are laughing in our faces and we pay them for the privilege. I refuse to do it any more.

        I suggest ALL Celtic supporting Sky subscribers cancel.

  • Justshatered says:

    After two games against Hearts, Celtic and Hearts are a point better off than they should be.
    After Celtic’s disallowed goal at Tynecastle on the opening day and then last night both teams have earned three points as opposed to two.
    After the first league meeting , the media barely mentioned the disallowed goal, so busy were they in attempting to discredit a man only five minutes in the country and trying to create a situation to have him sacked.

  • Peter Cassidy says:

    I think sky put this clown on for the fun value thats if you can understand anything he has to say 99% complete and utter trash and 1% tripe.i think the best way its not to comment on this bigot has got to say.


    Any links to what the missing village idiot said?
    I could do with a laugh.

  • Bigmick says:

    There’s really not much else to say other than the man’s an arsehole and proves it every time he’s on the telly.

  • DOB’s says:

    Chris Boyd, what an absolute fanny. Anybody noticed he goes away to dreamland when anyone else is speaking. The trouble with fools is they the don’t know they’re fools and think everyone else is irrelevant. Total clown ?

  • SSMPM says:

    SKY, like BBC, are a unionist broadcasting company hiding behind a mask of anti discrimination whilst allowing this out and out bigot air time. Congrats on cancelling your subscription. HH

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