Paranoia And Moonhowling Dominate Weekend Ibrox Press Conference.

Image for Paranoia And Moonhowling Dominate Weekend Ibrox Press Conference.

This is what you end up with when only the loonies and the subservient hacks are allowed in the room; an entire press conference devoted to howling at the moon.

Today’s Sevco presser was a beauty. The “official club partners” and the handful of media toadies who paid £25,000 to be there turned it into a festival of bitchery over the league’s decision to bring forward the winter break.

“Was it done to help Celtic?” was one of the questions raised, to which to Allan McGregor gave a tinfoil hat wearing answer where he sarcastically banged on about sporting integrity.

Maybe Omicron should be re-named the Postecoglou variant.

There is clearly a belief inside Ibrox that we manufactured this crisis for our own ends. Maybe we manufactured the variant too.

You never know what these idiots will believe on any given day.

But you know that it will make the rest of the world roll its eyes.

There are two issues that arise from this. The first is that the hacks who were in that room must be cringing with embarrassment and not for the first time this season. Such are the small-minded and nasty obsessions which dominate the support at that club.

But more importantly, this echoes what I said yesterday; the club itself is now locked into this kind of thinking. It is given credence by its board and its management and its players. To some inside the club it is simply about PR and managing the support, but when you hear this guff coming from its footballers and coaches it’s clear that a lot of them do believe it.

There were ten clubs who voted for this decision. Ten. Not to mention a majority of the SPFL board. The idea that they are all in league with Celtic is ridiculous; some of these people wouldn’t piss on us if we were on fire, and that’s a fact.

But they know what’s right here. They know what’s in the best interests of the game. Ibrox continues to push its own mad version of reality, and that only isolates them from the rest of the sport.

It must have been an embarrassment for the hacks who had to sit there today.

Unless, of course, those hacks also subscribe to all this lunacy, and let’s face it, we know some of them do.

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  • John nó says:

    About time James you done an article stating how we could well have been at full strength for the Derby.
    Jota still hasn’t been totally ruled out of the game and Ange was hardly going to declare that at this stage yet.
    May have been sort on options available from the bench but certainly nothing to worry about against facing that shower of.

  • scouse bhoy says:

    i will repeat this again james the gutless media are a big part of the problem.

  • David Frame says:

    Surprised not one bit…enjoy the festivities with family & friends james..look forward to reading more of…tremendous work..????

  • STEVEN says:

    The Postecoglou variant has a certain ring to it – but, if we really want to tip them over the edge, we need to give the latest strain a more “feniany” name… so howsabout we convince them that this strain has been tracked to its true “ground zero”, in the Irish Republic, and its correct name is the:



  • Derek Duncan says:

    LOL, Macgregor sporting integrity, Deadco 1872 EBT and tax cheating what a klown ,that scum are as thick as the brown stuff.

  • Jim Duffy says:

    Sevco are still here and feeling so high and mighty because our spineless board allowed them to be ,I’m sure our board would have voted for them to come straight back into the SPFL if they could have got away with it,I hear about Desmond and Liewell saying how they would miss the blue pound so helped them come back,but these two are that fuckin stupid ,they don’t realise the Huns , Sevco whatever you call them would have killed us stone dead ,in fact fuckin David Murray tried it he got his personal bank BOS to try and foreclose on our debts,the Huns didn’t give a fuck about the green pound ,and to be fair their present board seem a lot better than ours ,rightly or wrongly their board members pump money into fucked up club ,where our board are only interested in taking money out.

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