Remarkable Act Of Ibrox Arrogance Slapped Down By Senior Reporter On Twitter.

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An arrogant boastful Ibrox tweet was this morning savagely slapped down by a reporter at The Athletic after it suggested that their club was the “first major European side” to celebrate its 150th anniversary.

As hilarious as we find the idea, the Athletic journalist actually seems to be rather offended by it, as a look at his profile makes easy to understand.

He blasted back with a reminder that Notts Forest is older, has two European Cups and a Super Cup to confirm their status … and were never liquidated.

This is the kind of reply to that club which makes you want to give the guy a standing ovation. The cries of outrage from the Peepul are as predictable as they are funny; it’s another example of that club and its hubris getting the response it deserves.

They go on and on about this “150 years” stuff so much you might think they were overcompensating. I think it’s interesting that the “glamour game” they are lining up for this is between two teams of old crocks and not some European giant.

Obviously, their arrogant tweet has had other responses – many of them from Forest fans who are amazed at the egotism of it and, of course, from dozens of Celtic fans with wee reminders of some things that the Peepul appear to have forgotten.

Like all of this …

They really do enjoy embarrassing themselves, don’t they?

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  • Jack says:

    They should not be allowed to get away with these lies. Rangers are dead and their history stopped when they died. Sevco are a tribute act and should be called out as such each time they try to lie about 55 titles or 150 years of existence.

    • Frank Mc Kenna says:

      you are 100% spot on jack how they are getting away with all this crap is beyond belief but we all know as it being a majority protestant country that they WILL

    • Roonsa says:

      What do you mean they get away with it? They can think what they want. The hacks “toady” up to them and pay 25K for the privilege. They are incurably mental. I know it’s bollocks, you know it’s bollocks and anyone who is not mental and knows about Scottish football know it’s bollocks.

      Now that Stevie G has toddled off, any interest from England in that lot has dissipated. And so will all their noise, all too quickly for their liking.

  • SSMPM says:

    Now that’s funny, nice to hear other clubs in Britain voice their astonishment at their liquidation lie and false memory syndrome. Ha Ha

  • Tam c says:

    And the SCOTTISH “journalists” have said, printed,and pointed out what, about this LIE, well NOTHING, Yes the SCOTTISH “journalists” have turned a blind eye yet again when it comes to the TRUTH about “the rangers”

  • Tam c says:

    I just read the article on the official online daily record website (I know) the “papers” response to the LIE by “the rangers” it’s no Wonder they LIE. The “newspaper” incredibly blames Notts Forrest fans. Guess why , for pointing out the TRUTH, They should but won’t be ASHAMED

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