A Calm Deadline Day For Celtic, Whilst Elsewhere They Desperately Scramble.

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Yesterday, I talked a little about how, in the period before Eddie Howe said no to us I had started to get very anxious over the length of time it was taking.

The season was almost upon us. We were in dire, desperate straits. The risk if Howe knocked us back was that we would rush to appoint someone totally unsuited to the club, whose name was plucked out of a hat.

It was a natural concern, as we all know that the club has been there before, oftentimes on an annual basis. We call it Transfer Deadline Day.

The story is so familiar to us, and so disappointing.

We drag our feet on deals.

It gets right to the wire, as if a sense of theatricality was all that concerned some people inside Parkhead.

Then you spend the final hours of the window biting your nails, hoping deals go through.

And sometimes they don’t, of course, and that’s when the club does stupid stuff.

We’ve signed some real dreck on the final day of the window, because we’ve messed about so much that we’re left with very little choice. We’ve seen deals collapse at the final hour and ended up with nobody.

Transfer deadline day is too often a sweat.

But not this year. Because all of our business was done early, and done well.

Which is more than can be said for other clubs, clubs which have dropped points at this most crucial time in the title race, who are smarting under the suggestion that they haven’t shown enough ambition and are now urgently scrambling for deals which will appease their fans.

The press is running with a good one this morning; Aaron Ramsey.

And I daresay there are talks over it.

But he earns hundreds of thousands per week and even if the club was only pay 10 or 20 percent of that it would be an expensive gamble. A madly expensive one.

But it’s the kind of expensive gamble you take when you are desperate.

Everything about the story sounds ridiculous – from the size of his wages to the loan fee the Ibrox club would have to pay for a 31-year-old who hasn’t played since October – but there’s one thing we’ve learned from watching that club over the years; nothing is too stupid to be true.

This is exactly the sort of thing they do over there … and it has never been more necessary to plug the holes that are springing up all over their club. This is a shoot-for-the-moon roll of the dice.

The moment we scored against Dundee Utd this kind of thing was certain … it’s the move of a club which is all out of good options.

That is why this is not a great surprise.

It reeks of something that you do when you need to take a mad punt … and this might be the maddest punt in a long time.

We are going to have a nice relaxing end to the window.

The idea that our club is still on the lookout for a special deal is obviously encouraging but nobody will be dreadfully disappointed if we don’t manage to find something.

We are done with doing things for the sake of appearances.

We are no longer panicking.

Over there, they are doing what we have been guilty of time and time again; desperate scrambling right up to the final bell. On top of that, if there is to be game-changing late drama it is most likely not going to be the sort that will make their fans particularly happy.

Enjoy the day folks, and focus on Wednesday.

That’s where the real action is for us, and the whole of the club is preparing for that.

Eyes on the prize.

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  • Roonsa says:

    This is a good read because if that deal did happen you can be sure that it will be a headline grabber. But it’s short termism on a grand scale and is a huge risk that they really did not to take if they’d built things properly after being awarded the league last season.

    When I saw the Aaron Ramsey thing ah wiz pure lirrat, whit? He’s a great player and I’d take him in a heartbeat. But you’d have to pick up 30K-40K a week wages, as you have said.

  • Smokey says:

    We were always too late in the window when
    Lie(well) was in charge with his penny pinching
    but hey ho Ange is what we have and I am sure glad he is our manager

  • REBELLIOUS says:

    Thanks James, good points well made.
    Bring on le merde

  • NICK66 says:

    It’s nice to read deadline day blogs regarding Celtic this season. As you say James we were always chasing our tails right up to the 11th hour or is it 12th in this case. To be nice and relaxed about the shape of the squad as is, any additions would be a nice bonus but not essential. Aaron Ramsey? Well good luck to him getting up to speed in the SPL -if he comes – after very little football played up til now. Headline grabbing deflection from the dire straits over the other side of the river. We have the better squad going forward into the season and i think we can win the league.

  • JimBhoy says:

    I think sevco might get 2-3 in last minute, Ramsey would fit the bill under their usual short term planning. Maybe they could see 1 or 2 first teamers leave too.

    They have been playing a game of who blinks first with Goldson all season. They would take anything for him and it wouldn’t surprise me to see kent move, heralded as a great bit of business with the usual add-ons speculated nonsense while they effectively just cut their losses.

    As Morelos is warming the bench on international duty I don’t see any bids in for the huffy one.

  • Bob (original) says:

    Crazy if Ramsey signs on loan – but it might give the Ibrox club a short-term boost?

    The guy is 31, prone to injuries and hasn’t played since October.

    So he’s not match fit, and The Rangers ‘might’ get a few 90 minutes out of him before the end of the season.

    Desperate stuff! 🙂

  • Mark B says:

    These signings rarely work….see Ian Wright, Dion Dublin, Freddie Lundberg, Roy Keane, Joey Barton, Philip Senderos.

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