Andrew Smith’s Piece On Celtic’s “Postponment Request” Is Utter Nonsense.

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Andrew Smith of The Scotsman, who writes some of the direst Celtic articles in the mainstream press, tonight says Celtic have a “dilemma” because if we requested a postponement for the Ibrox club’s visit to Parkhead that we would have to postpone two other games with it.

This is a ridiculous article, and for many reasons, the first of which is that Ange has almost completely ruled this out.

It’s as if the media is now trying to put up roadblocks to the course of action they themselves have tried to push on us.

A course of action we don’t appear to have the least intention of pursuing on our own.

What’s more, when you read the actual SPFL rule – which he quotes in the piece – it makes it quite clear that he is talking utter rot.

He forgets, as does whoever came up with this, that the wording of these things is most often iron-clad and although some of their articles are written with enough grey area to get a coach and horses through, this isn’t one of them.

We can request a postponement in “any official match where three or more of (our) players who would otherwise have participated in such match are unavailable through international selection and, following receipt of such an application, the board may postpone and rearrange the relevant official match in accordance with rule G3.”

Taken literally – and that’s precisely how our lawyers would demand it be taken – that regulation is clear that we can request a postponement for any game which falls under this rubric; nothing in there in any way, shape or form suggest that we’d have to ask for more than one game to be called off although three fall within the timeframe of the international break.

Yet this is what Smith writes;

“It has emerged that the SPFL board would be unlikely to allow Celtic to be selective over which games they contested … (and) would accede to the postponement request only if the Parkhead club were also willing to re-arrange the away game against Hearts on January 26 and their fixture at home to Dundee United three days later.”

Who told him that? Did he not even bother to … think about it for two seconds?

He has the rule in front of him; he quotes it.

Did he actually read it? Did he engage a single brain cell on it?

If the SPFL board got our request and tried to mount this arguement they would have one Hell of a job doing it because although it’s perfectly feasible for them to insert that rule, they haven’t and so there’s nothing in the provisions that says that we would be disqualified from specifying one game, and nothing to justify their demand that we set ourselves up for such fixture carnage.

Apart from the ridiculous – and dangerous – precedent it would set, they would be arguing against themselves if they even dared.

It is their CEO who has said, just days ago, that there was virtually no more room in the fixture list for cancelled games.

Yet we’re really supposed to believe that his organisation would, in the event we wanted to protect ourselves in one match, insist that that we reschedule three?

Is Smith playing the role of Village Idiot for the night or what?

Does he actually believe that?

Has he taken two seconds to actually sit down and consider it?

Honest to God, our media will swallow anything and they will write anything.

No wonder The Scotsman doesn’t have the number of readers you’d find on the average blog.

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  • Kyogos Dream Team says:

    These Cunts are NOT Journalists but SIMPLY Monkey Hun Bastards SPEWIN UTTER PISH!!

    • Scouse bhoy says:

      Going back to last season and in no way am i defending bolingoli but the two games being postponed was a knee jerk reaction at the hands of newco and the ever obedient gutless scotlanda shame and our board just sat back

  • Johnny mcglinchey says:

    Just another scum retard. HH

    • Jimmy says:

      You write in previous years James Forrest of a councillor being disrespectful and crass in a response to a disabled Celtic fan in relation to a parking issue. Yet here again you are allowing the Retard term refusing to call it out. Two faced James. On my next visit to Celtic Park join me and my mate with Cerebral palsy, the most passionate Celtic fan you could ever meet, In the disabled section. Don’t Diss my ABILITY. Another thing, Kyogos dream team above or sean and the other dozen names he uses, this is the guy that refers to people as Special need freaks previously. If these are the people you are happy with being on your site, you are a big part of the problem James

      • James Forrest says:

        You want to volunteer to read through every one of these comments? Cause I am kinda busy with other things.

        • Jimmy says:

          Maybe you should pay some more attention to your responses then James. I have followed your site for many years. I have written about that, to me you were the best Blog. I may not always agree with everything posted but your stories were always were very well written. You weren’t afraid of taking on the clowns that had a go at our club. My issue is with the clowns on this site that don’t respect some of the most vulnerable in our society. Over to you James to sort it out.

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    He is another Scottish football writing imbecile… remember Hoops fans DO NOT BUY ANY OF THEM…

    It would be a peculiar Celtic fan that would given how much they detest us..

    Leave it to The Celtic Blog to out and inform us about their evil agendas..

    Starve them to the misery of liquidation just like their former beloved club, then known as Rangers..

  • Trevor Blyth says:

    Nothing about rangers saying they can get game postponed as well as they have 3 players playing for nigeria in African nations cup

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