Ange’s Control Over Celtic Tightens As He Brings In His First Big Backroom Guy.

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Ange Postecoglou yesterday gave what might well end up being his most important interview so far since coming to Celtic.

It wasn’t trailed with any great fanfare, and nobody has made a terribly big deal of it since, but he said things that were critical to understanding where we are.

On the surface, it was a simple enough pre-match presser, the kind managers do all the time.

But this one gave a lot of additional insight into the man, and answered one of the crucial questions remaining from the summer; the one about the director of football appointment that never was.

Some of us had guessed that Ange was the reason we didn’t make one.

Yesterday he all but confirmed it when he spoke about how he is a manager who likes to be – who needs to be – in total control of the football operation. And you know what? Our board deserves immense credit for allowing him that kind of latitude.

And we will benefit from that, enormously, in the weeks and months to come.

He has made it clear that he okays each and every signing.

The move for the Australian was completely down to Ange wanting him because of their past relationship, as the moves for the Japanese players were motivated by his knowledge of them.

It is his decision to bring in a data analyst, as that’s an area where he feels his own lack of knowledge. The man is smarter than anyone we’ve had in the dugout for a long time, and what makes him especially clever is that he knows what he doesn’t know.

On top of that, though, he has realised what Lennon, Deila and Rodgers apparently never did; that letting someone else at the club (the CEO in their case, Peter Lawwell) run things that were critical to the management of the team just isn’t on.

Ange knows that success will be shared, but that failure will be hung round his own neck, and he’s fine with that.

But he isn’t fine with putting his destiny, any part of it, in the hands of other people.

Ange wants control because, as he put it yesterday “the buck stops here.”

We are now locked to this man’s vision and his plan for the club, and the great thing about that is that he seems to know exactly what he’s doing.

This is why the board trusts him.

This is why the board has backed him.

This is why it will continue to do so.

We’re days away from the resumption of hostilities, and our commander in chief knows exactly what he’s doing … and he’s in total control.

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  • Jimmy says:

    A very positive read. Please Ange stay around for many years. Such a refreshing guy let alone Manager He already loves Glasgow as he has stated. Certainly our side at least has taken to him. WELL DONE ANGE

  • Theinsideman1 says:

    This Celtic board & credit.? No such thing. They deserve nothing. Credit for what exactly.?The quicker we see the back of this board the better place Celtic will be. Give this board credit.!! Undeserving of it.

  • John S says:

    Nicholson and Postecoglou are sorting things out for a decade to come.

  • Roonsa says:

    Great article. This is the kind of insight that puts fan media and, in particular, The Celtic Blog way ahead of the MSM “dreck” (as you like to say) in terms of what football fans want to read.

    Thank you.

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