As Celtic’s Lockdown Stance Is Vindicated, Will Sky’s Resident Clown Admit He Got It Wrong?

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On the day that the SPFL decided to bring forward the winter break by a week, Kris Boyd sat in a Sky Sports studio and scorned the clubs who had voted to do so.

With all the conviction of Hugh Keevins, and even less of the intelligence, he stated that it was a farce and that the games would all be played behind closed doors anyway, when the matches resumed.

There was no ambiguity in his statements.

It was as if Sky had replaced Boyd with a lookalike who just happened to have his hateful, contemptuous sneer but also a degree in virology and pandemic studies. He knew the precise course that this virus would take.

He knew that there was no chance of supporters being allowed into grounds in February, let alone January.

He was not stating an opinion, no; this expert was stating a fact.

But Kris Boyd is not an expert in anything.

He is barely coherent on the subject they pay him to talk about.

If he ever appeared on Mastermind the only category in which he would excel would be “The Awful Power Of The Unseen Fenian Hand.”

It was that hand he could sense behind the move to shut down the game for an extra week.

He held off from saying it straight out, but through gritted teeth he did everything but.

So convinced was he of nefarious motives, you got the feeling that if someone cooked up a halfway coherent theory that Celtic had created Omicron for the very purpose of escaping an injury crisis that Boyd would have eaten it up like one of Pavlov’s dogs.

We all know what Boyd is.

Apparently his pay-masters at Sky either don’t know or don’t care.

But his embarrassment is their embarrassment, because they are the ones who put this guy in front of their audience and pay him for talking such tripe.

Boyd should be made to offer an apology.

He wasn’t just wrong, he believed only what he wanted to believe.

He wanted to be convinced that Celtic had some dastardly motive and so he maintained that this could not possibly work.

He did not have the first clue what he was talking about but still he offered his “expert” view on a subject far beyond his meagre intellect, and he scorned those of us who said that it bought us time to get better information.

This is another example of what Sky gets for its money.

They allow this brazenly biased clown to appear on their platform.

He offers no analysis worth a damn.

He despises one club so completely that everything he does is affected by it.

His presence is an insult to the audience, and whilst he is beyond the point where he can be shamed, his employers are not.

If he’s not prepared to hold up his hands here and admit that he spoke without knowing a damn thing, they should take that choice away from him and force him to grovel for his job.

It’s their credibility on the line here. He has none.

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  • Jim hamill says:

    Refreshing to see someone taking this awful pundit to task,the guys a wallaper

  • ?Green Machine? says:

    Same Boyd who stated David Murray should Invest in Govan Sevco FC 2012.These Spiteful Eejits need a Reality Check

  • Roonsa says:

    His paymasters at Sky must surely know because I can’t be the only person who told them when I was handing in my notice.

  • scouse bhoy says:

    the paymasters are the problem giving the likes of him a platform .

  • JimBhoy says:

    His paymasters pay lip-service to Scotish football. The product is crap, they often have slots that miss interviews at the end. You rarely see replays. They have z rated pundits and commentators.

    Boyd should have been sacked after his attack on Griff.

    They should guest him more on the sevco love in on clyde. At least we wouldnt see his fizzer then.

    When the Celts lift the treble this year I intend to enjoy their pain and collect their blue tears as worship to the unseen Fenian Hands.

  • SSMPM says:

    Gave up on sky when Blob and Commons were given the platform well over two years ago. I hung in there for a few months but couldn’t cope with how unprofessional it was then and told them why. Blob is apparently worse now and sky enabling him is no accident. Is not an independent objective broadcaster particularly when it comes to Scottish football, politics or the union and nationalism. HH

  • Stephen McAdam says:

    Scumbags like him ,McGregor and the rest still rankle from 2008 when we stormed to a great league win! Beating then twice in the process in last 7 games! That poison still desicrate phil odonnell memory and try use it to explain us winning a league that was Extended ! And that same season they embarrassed that is the huns cancelled a game against gretna! Ha ha to prepare for leon oh in they got thrashed 3-0 in that game to! Only in brigadoon would filth get to talk utter crap and lie even when the facts are sk there! This why boyd goes on about Japan tours and ” sporting integrity ” lawell used that term and he was right! But shows the talk that went on in their dressing room and club at this time digrusting weirdo people that craze victory at any price they were even happy to play games with no one there! And that’s the fans to ! Heard some idiot on radio say this the other night God we destroyed them with that Quadruple TREBLE! And all our success since 2000 And again winning first real trophy with a crowd! Haha Pathetic tho I rather not play any club out of that hellhole as i say utter poison

  • Stephen McAdam says:

    Facts are all there I meant

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