Attention Seeker McAvennie Gets Back To What He Does Best: Attacking Celtic Players.

Image for Attention Seeker McAvennie Gets Back To What He Does Best: Attacking Celtic Players.

There is something about Frank McAvennie’s attitude towards our club which has started to grate on even the most tolerant amongst the Celtic fans. There is something about his attitude which is really starting to piss people off.

I am the third blogger today to write an article like this, but this is not the first time I’ve written such an article.

My patience was tested to destruction a long time ago.

When The Celtic Star published their excellent piece today on how he is tarnishing his Celtic legacy, a lot of people would have nodded in agreement. To me, it came a while back.

But that two sites before this one have turned the guns on him is proof that real anger is growing amongst the support.

It doesn’t seem to matter what our club does; he finds a negative.

He rushes to judge our players as harshly as he can.

He targets them apparently at random.

Today it’s Giakoumakis getting it in the neck, a guy we’ve hardly seen and in whom the manager recently declared his faith and full confidence. But McAvennie wants him sold.

As if a living soul at Celtic cared less what his opinion was.

He is amongst the ranks of those ex-Celts our club dismisses as having no relationship with us at all; Walker, Provan and Nicholas are amongst the others, media personalities who are never around for quotes when things are going well but can always be trusted to stick in the knife when things aren’t.

McAvennie is a complete moron.

I’ve previously called him our own Kris Boyd.

Nothing he says is said to promote the cause of Celtic. Every word he writes or speaks is to promote one cause only; the cause of Frank McAvennie. He is an attention seeker at our expense.

The fans are really starting to turn on him now, and that’s because he can’t keep his poisonous opinions to himself.

Other Celtic men in the media are capable of offering criticism without it turning into bile; Sutton, Hartson, Wilson and Petrov are all excellent at it, and even if big Chris sometimes veers into sensationalism, his heart is in the right place.

I have no idea where McAvennie’s heart is.

Not with Celtic, that’s for sure.

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  • Tony B says:

    McAvennie long ago turned into the very thing that has always been his main preoccupation and hobby – a complete fanny.

  • Johnny mcglinchey says:

    The retard is a fuckin squib nobody cares a fuck what he says. HH

  • Peter Cassidy says:

    Why give this halfwit your time writing about his sad comments s#ack head also.

  • Roonsa says:

    I have never read any article that involves McAvennie making any comment about football, never mind Celtic. I know he’s not that clever so there would be no point. Not being the brightest chap doesn’t really matter when you can put the ball in the net like he did. And scoring lots of goals for Celtic should allow us to forgive a lot but:

    1) He played for Celtic at a time that most Celtic fans will now not remember and
    2) He didn’t stay at Celtic that long anyway – albeit the 1987/88 centenary year season was pretty special as I can attest to

    I actually feel a wee bit sorry for him. He obviously needs the money which was demonstrated by the fact he had to sell his medals for a pittance (thankfully they were returned to him).

    His lack of intellect is being exploited by the gutter press who use him as a go-to man for dumb comments to fill column inches. It saddens me that people are turning on him. I don’t think his comments are worth that. They are meaningless and pointless. Ignore them. Somebody needs to have a word. Poor Frank.

  • Brian Cavanagh says:


    A great and compassionate comment on Frank. Let’s rise above the name calling and tackle the cynicism of newspapers that exploit ‘formers’ to create controversy, sell paper and attract click bait

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