Celtic Fans Get The Green Light To Return. Our Stand Has Been Vindicated.

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The Scottish Government has done exactly what they were expected to do.

Fans are back in grounds, and the houses will be rocking and full.

We are back, my friends, and our club’s move to bring forward the winter break has been justified in full.

This is a victory for common sense, and a victory for Celtic.

There was a lot of sneering directed at us when we pushed for this move, but that is only so much empty whining now.

Celtic always believed that it was important to buy time for more data to emerge and now that the data has been presented we have been given the green light to return supporters.

I don’t care what nonsense Sevconia and some in the media say to this.

We did the right thing, not only for our club but for the greater good of the game.

If the Ibrox club feels piqued that they missed out on a full-house at home against St Mirren, then they can take that up with the relevant authorities and moan their wee faces off.

As well as doing the right thing for the game, it cannot be doubted that Celtic looked after its own interests in this case, and we should make no apology for that either any more than we should make an apology if, as some think is likely (I still don’t) we call for a postponement of the 2 February game due to international call-ups.

If what we’re doing is legislated for in the rule-book then perfectly within our rights to pursue it.

In the case of bringing forward the winter break, we might have been the club who proposed it but if other clubs had not been in favour we’d have been whistling in the wind.

Celtic does things properly. In this instance we acted swiftly, proposed the change, outlined our reasons and won the argument.

More than the argument, the basic good sense of our proposal has been demonstrated by the decision to let fans return to grounds.

We are vindicated.

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  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    Postpone it if it’s to our advantage and within the rules… The Huns would think nothing of doing it to us.

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