Ex-Ibrox Player Gets Headlines Trying To Convince A Celtic Player To Quit Scotland.

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The press has given headlines tonight to Alan Hutton as he tries to make a case for why Stephen Welsh should leave Celtic to pursue a move to Italy. This is typical of the Scottish media in talking the national game down.

Hutton isn’t a credible figure, because he’s another ex-Ibrox footballer who knows the easiest way to get headlines is to stir the soup at Parkhead.

His comments are ridiculous. Welsh should leave because he’s “too far down the pecking order” at Celtic? He should look to move to Italy because he can’t get into our team at the moment?

Is it only me who sees the obvious here; if Welsh was good enough to play in Serie A at the moment he would be walking into the Celtic team every week.

Welsh has no interest in leaving. Celtic has no interest in selling him.

But if he did want to go because he wants first team football, isn’t he admitting that he’s not good enough to get it?

Isn’t it an admission of defeat?

Has this even dawned on this clown?

Once again, this is a guy who saw a chance to get himself in the news at our expense.

There is no merit whatsoever to his comments.

They are idiotic and sell our game short.

What is it about the press that they want to move on every player who emerges in this country? They have absolutely no shame about it either. Welsh is a cracking young prospect; he’ll be at the centre of the Celtic squad for years to come.

And they cannot wait to move him on.

I get tired of this. I get tired of ex-Ibrox footballers getting their headlines at our expense.

He should keep his stupid mouth shut about our club and our players, nobody involved with Celtic wants to hear his opinion on our footballers or their future.

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  • Kyogos Dream Team says:


  • himuptheroad says:

    Hutton is just an empty headed hun as proven by his nonsensical view on Welsh. Our media is saturated with these intellectually challenged twats. Best ignored.

  • Seppington says:

    These things are said simply in the forlorn hope the player in question will take heed and bolt, thus weakening opponents of their favourite club (we all know who because it usually one of them or their smsm puppets saying it). They NEVER say these things about hun kids, just the old b.s. line about how “A big EPL side will come in for him at some point I’m sure”, just suggesting, never encouraging. All that matters to them is that Rangers then and Sevco now are protected and advantaged always. If what’s good for the hun is bad for the rest of Scotland then tough pappage as far as they are concerned.

    They need to be eradicated from the face of the Earth when 2.0 goes under. I know they likely won’t be and we’ll get 3.0 but I can dream can’t I?

  • Tony B says:

    Mutton is known as a moron; a typical product of the Ibrox sausage factory.

    No ability, no class and no brains.

  • Frsnkiebhoy says:

    Can they not ask an ex celt about our players why ask an ex Hun hh

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