How Pleased The Hacks Are To Have A “Celtic Snubbed” Story To Write.

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Well, it didn’t take them long did it?

The Evening Times is off and running tonight with the first “Celtic snubbed” story of the window. How good it must feel to be the first paper to write those words. I bet Jackson and others are raging that they have been beaten to the punch on this one.

What’s the truth? As someone pointed out this morning, even as he was saying goodbye to Birmingham fans the player was telling the press that “England is where you want to play.” It would have been a matter of time before he was hankering to go back.

The deal for this guy is dead. Celtic has walked away from the table.

We’ve offered what we thought he was worth.

If this is a “snub” to us, then it’s one very like the Novo one he bangs on about so much and which exists only in his own mind.

The player will get more money from Middlesbrough and so will his club; both are absolutely entitled to take the cash. The club will never have to explain it. At some point, I strongly suspect that the player himself will sorely regret the choice he has made.

There is “playing in England” and there is “Playing In England.” A mid-table battle in the second tier is the former, not the latter. It may well be that he doesn’t care. In that case it’s all about money, and we know all that we need to know.

The press loves this. This is their first anti-Celtic story in a while, and they will lap it up. We cannot let any of that nonsense distract us. The manager will move forward and pursue Plan B. When he speaks to the press about this expect him to emphasise that he only wants people here who are committed, fully committed, to the cause.

Everything else is window dressing.

Is it disappointing when transfer deals don’t go through? Of course it is. But we’re making moves. We’re trying to bring players in. That’s the crucial thing here. That’s what we should focus on. The cash is there, the manager is free to spend it.

So now we’ll find out who else the club has had its eye on.

Sooner or later, the hacks who are sniggering today will have to cover the next big Celtic signing of the window.

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  • Seppington says:

    Well it’s not as if they could, even if they actually wanted to, write stories about the huns being “snubbed” as they can’t really afford to buy new players!

    The truth is those swine are snubbed by anyone with half a braincell…

  • Sophie Johnstone says:

    There’s only one team in Glasgow who’s spending gets out of control and it isn’t us.The money this guy is going for is stupid money for a guy who let’s face it has still to prove himself anywhere,chasing cash over medals isn’t the kind of player Ange wants

  • JimBhoy says:

    Look at all the clubs Morelos has snubbed to show loyalty to rangers. No sniggering at the back there.

    I think Riley Bhoy will be a Celt this week. The paper snubbers with then have a riddy.!

  • SSMPM says:

    Doesn’t sound like he was a career Celt at heart or at all. More likely he would’ve been a development player for a few years (still might be). Having raised his profile he’d have been back off to England at the earliest opportunity but hopefully made us a decent transfer fee though as we know there’s no guarantee of that either. Atm its one less international player we lose for weeks and no loss so move on and let them write on their bog paper. HH

  • Tim Ayres says:

    As a Newcastle jets and Socceroos supporter McGrub wasn’t worth the initial bid let alone offering more. Let him walk away.

  • Boobs67 says:

    Went for a multi million pound contract at 23. Can’t blame him. Wish him all best in the world. I would have done the same.

  • Malc says:

    Speaking of snubs, seems like Slippy and Aston Villa are delivering one hell of a big snub to Sevco. AV are spending big money, yet not one mention of any of it going for the superstars at Snake Mountain. Shit, they’re even buying Dundee United players before any of the huns! THAT’S a snub – former manager doesn’t rate a single one of them good enough for the EPL.

  • Stephen McAdam says:

    I lived in Sydney for years they are strange lot in regards footbsll tho it ” soccer” And as many ghirls play as bhoys see there most look down on our great game, but ones that dont seek validation ,the ones thats like it the first and 2nd gen Aussies that came from european born parents are ” epl” ( I know nobody says that but they do!)sychophants! We best out of this deal let the clown go to his mediocre small club! He will never play for a club of our size and stature! Never! So we best out of it and our Japanese bhoys will show real worth and respect for what they now have. So forget this guy , disappointed in ange going for him as he knows how most are there tho maybe he yearns for it to ! As I say they all do believe me no matter what club just to be in ” epl” tho this guy aint going there with that club! Forget this guy never even read a report on him and not surprised by this in the slightest, good riddance!

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