If They Want Backing, The BBC Should Cease Employing The Bitter, Anti-Celtic Brigade.

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One of the great political debates of the moment is over the BBC license fee. The government wants to abolish it, and liberal Britain should be outraged. But some aren’t. In Scotland, the mood music is even less supportive.

Here, the collective shrug is the natural response from those who know that in the independence referendum of 2014 the organisation blatantly banged the unionist drum.

The idea that the British Broadcasting Corporation might have been neutral on the break-up of the political status-quo seems ridiculous now in retrospect; at the time many believed that their public service charter conferred a genuine responsibility on them to be so.

That it wasn’t is something that sticks long in the memory. That is hard to ignore.

Who does the BBC truly serve?

That it has been used as a political weapon by the state at times is without question.

That many people regard its input as so poor that it doesn’t justify the license fee would be hard enough to argue against.

And whilst I think that the right claiming it’s a shamelessly liberal organisation is evidence of their rampaging paranoia and intolerance, the left’s claim that its upper echelons are populated by privately educated establishment figures – more than a few of whom are Tories – is absolutely grounded in fact.

For those in Scotland who follow the football, the behaviour of the broadcaster is even harder to defend at times.

BBC Sports Scotland is widely derided for, and almost universally discredited by, the parade of goons it has allowed to traipse through its doors. It certainly tries to appeal to a wider and more varied audience than the clownish Clyde Superscoreboard, but as long as it employs the likes of Tom English it will never be viewed particularly seriously.

Others on the show are even worse than he is.

But foremost amongst them is the never-ending trail of ex-EBT recipients and washed up ex-Ibrox footballers. If you want a gig at the BBC, having once played for one of the clubs at that ground is an obvious bonus.

How can you trust a publicly funded organisation which pushes blatant falsehoods into the national discourse, as BBC Sport Scotland does with the Survival and Victim lies?

Why should we, as tax payers, be liable to fund an organisation which promotes such a ridiculous, such a false, narrative?

Who can trust that? Who thinks that has credibility?

Last night, Richard Foster, another in a long line of anti-Celtic ex-Ibrox players sat in their studio and blamed our new boy Ideguchi for the shocking tackle that was made on him, and which saw him leave the field injured.

His comments were so ridiculous that Andrew Smith, of The Scotsman, who this site does not enjoy, specifically singled them out in his column today, such was his disbelief at what he had heard.

He was not the only one who thought so.

Foster could have left it at “the challenge didn’t merit the red card” argument which others were making – I thought it should have been a red all day long – and you could have put that down to a simple difference of opinion, but blaming our player allowed the bile to seep through and not for the first time with Foster.

This is what the BBC does though; it hires these Peepul fully aware of their inability to be objective when it comes to our club, and yet every chance they get they have these people passing judgement on Celtic games.

Occasionally, as with last night, it spills over into the kind of outright bias which makes people like me inclined to tell them to ram their license fee.

I’ve talked about this on this site before; if the BBC wants the support of people like me on this issue then it has to convince me that as a citizen and a licensee fee payer that I’m getting a good deal.

But if they’re going to promote anti-Celtic nonsense like we heard last night then not only will I withhold my backing but I’ll join the chorus calling for the license fee’s abolition.

If the BBC wants to fill its studios with the Ricky Foster’s and even the Kris Boyd’s then that’s a matter for their editorial department and they are free to do so … but not in my name and not with my money, and I strongly suspect that many tens of thousands of Celtic fans agree.

No more of this. No more.

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  • unrepentant fenian says:

    never had a licence in my life never will if u don’t want to pay here is a top they can’t get a warrant to search for your TV if they cant prove u have one so dont let them in

    • John Mcewan says:

      Hi can anyone tell me how it’s possible to win the Scottish Cup 30 time’s while only existing 12 years bbc pundets should get their facts wright before propagating a lie no one’s above the law.

  • Gerry Graham says:

    I stopped paying a License when I started listening to the pish on BBC Sportsound on the survival lie..I’m not lining these parasites pockets with my State Pension..I’ve already had there goons at my door but they were facing 2 Rottweilers when I opened it and they couldn’t get out the path quick enuf because they were terrified with the dogs sniffing round them..It was really so funny..Let them come back because the next two will get the same treatment HH

  • Joseph Mcaleer says:

    Thousands of people have stopped paying the BBC for their poor service and huge wages to there staff.A not so stealthy Tax.
    And there’s nothing they can do about it.

  • Tony B says:

    Nearly all of the ex footballer commentators on BBC Scotland Radio and TV are ex old co rangers players, many of whom are also tax cheats.

    This has been the case for decades, but it is much worse now.

    It is not possible for these people to be impartial when talking about sevco or Celtic, and for this reason, I don’t listen to them any more.

    Yet I am required to pay a licence fee.

    Enough is enough.

    Time for the BBC to stand on its own feet without public money, and if it cannot, then……. TIME TO GO.

  • Justshatered says:

    I think it is a bit simplistic to gauge the entire BBC based on their football coverage in Scotland and their lack of impartiality doesn’t really recognise the grand sweep of the organisation the BBC is.
    Sure their football pundits here are shamelessly selected from tax frauds with a few exceptions but the Radio Five Live coverage is great and often insightful.
    Their drama department has produced some tremendous shows over the year while their Natural History department is would renowned.
    Like every huge organisation, it has its flaws but remember, for a lot of older people it is their sole companion and souce of news particularly in the last 24 months.
    While the coverage of the referendum was slanted, what really do you expect from the British Broadcasting Corporation ?
    If you think that the issues we face as a nation, whether that is Scotland or the UK, will be solved by the abolition of the BBC then can I ask this: who do you think will fill the vacuum left by the BBC ?
    I fear it will be someone like Rupert Murdoch’s organisation and then any facade of impartiality will have gone.
    I fear people will only realise what the BBC gave them when it is gone but by that time, like many of the railway lines destroyed by the Beeching report, it will be gone for good.

  • Jack says:

    The BBC’s insistence on pushing the survival lie should be the end of them. Keep calling them out.

  • Roonsa says:

    Great article. Fuck the BBC.

  • SSMPM says:

    Its not a question of if the totally independent BBC are going to promote anti Celtic nonsense like we heard last night, its what they’ve been doing for so long that there’s no longer room for debate, the BBC’s licence fee should go, its just a matter of how soon. HH

  • Drew says:

    Name and shame the producers and the guys behind this,the guys who are cowards because they are never seen expose them.

  • Seppington says:

    If those at the top of the BBC were so hard right they would never have allowed the corporation to fall under the control of woke ideologues.

    All they do is lie, whether it is politics or football.

    Their “inspector” was told in no uncertain terms that we weren’t paying to be force-fed unionist propaganda, and to be fair they’ve never darkened our door again. Not that I ever watch their crappy channels, they are a far cry from the quality of old.
    It’s in the name – “British”. They will never say anything to criticise their co-butcher’s apron wavers, and hire them because they share the same agenda, just like the SFA does.
    I can’t help but notice that all of the indy columnists who are in favour of keeping a state broadcaster have all benefitted in some way from the BBC’s largesse, be it appearance fees or actual presenting. At a village hall event before the 2014 referendum I asked Alex Salmond himself about shutting these feckers down and he regaled us with how he was old school chums with their political editor Brian Taylor and how we needed state broadcasting. Let’s just say I was less than impressed witgh that reply. An independent Scotland would be fine with only private broadcasting if there wear caveats, i.e. no foreign ownership and a powerful watchdog that has teeth to ensure balanced news reporting (unlike the “Gonnae no dae that?” OFCOM of now).
    I would ban the BBC from Scotland completely, their shows can be made are available on Netflix or whatever if people are still desperate to see whatever woke virtue-signalling pish they’ve made. We don’t need any of their news or politics polluting our airwaves/streams ever again.

  • Frankie pearson says:

    Easiest remedy don’t watch this programme, I have never watched it for years, all it has on it is biased 2nd rate so called players from guess who.

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