Kris Commons Latest Celtic Piece Is Self-Aggrandising, Arrogant And Nonsensical.

Image for Kris Commons Latest Celtic Piece Is Self-Aggrandising, Arrogant And Nonsensical.

Kris Commons has been quiet for a while, but his return to “form” today is typical of the man; self-aggrandising nonsense with nothing to credit it whatsoever.

His suggestion that we should not be attempting to hide behind injuries as an excuse for bad results is idiotic for any number of reasons, the most obvious of which is that it’s a hypothetical moan as we’ve not had those bad results and so, of course, haven’t done any such thing.

But even if it were not so, are we not supposed to plead any mitigation whatsoever?

Our two first choice strikers are unavailable to us now.

Our starting three midfield players are out.

There are few clubs in world football which could face that kind of situation without it having an impact. I said yesterday we have options, and we do, but they are lesser options and let’s not kid ourselves on about it. Nobody is playing down the significance of this.

Most of us remain confident.

But we’d certainly be more confident if we had one of our Japanese starting strikers or our captain available. For Commons to simply brush these things aside as if they were of no consequence is dire behaviour.

His justification for this – an arrogant reference to how an injury blighted Celtic knocked Barcelona out in Europe whilst he was there – is self-serving guff designed to make himself look good.

It does Celtic no favours. It brings no solace to our manager.

Any club would struggle under these circumstances.

They will make the victories to come all the sweeter.

But Commons’ ridiculous assertion that we should not be hiding behind having so many players out would be stupid even if we were doing so … but to moan about something that hasn’t even happened is taking the piss and shows what he’s all about.

Ange doesn’t do excuses. But he shouldn’t have to in this case.

It’s obvious that we’re going into these three games to come substantially weaker than we should be. Any club with these injury issues should be eligible for sympathy and understanding whether we’re asking for it or not.

No wonder so many of our supporters can’t stand this guy.

His intervention here is wholly unhelpful and unwelcome. In fact, it’s a disgrace.

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  • kevin mccarthy says:

    Kris Commons has not had a good word to say about Celtic since he left. It’s just a case of excepting the blue pound and he has gone to the extreme

  • Smokey says:

    Commons……….another soup taker, maybe the Celtic fans will remind him of that IF he takes a seat in the Parkhead stand

  • Johnny mcglinchey says:

    This clown is like McAvenney, walker, provan all in one. Nobody gives a flying fuck what he thinks. HH

  • Frankie pearson says:

    If we don’t collect full points in these up and coming games it does not matter what anyone says in Celtic blogs.the damage will be done due to a board that should have taken action with the sfa/spfl about referees actions causing these injuries, a board with no backbone,no care for employees safety,no tongue for our club all could be to late.

  • Jack says:

    Celtic are up against it with all the players we are missing. The next few games are going to test us big time. Only a brave person would bet on us getting 9 points from our next 3 league games. If we do, it will be the performance of champions. Come on Celtic!

  • SSMPM says:

    Sky and Clit Blobs good mate Commons – what a disgrace of a man, no morals, no ethics, lots of the blue pound though.

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