Selling Ismaili Soro Is A Mistake, But Celtic Won’t Know That For A While Yet.

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Ismaili Soro looks set to leave the club in this window, and I reckon that’s a mistake.

But it’s a mistake that we won’t recognise for a while and won’t regret for even longer.

Nevertheless, I think he’s an excellent footballer and he will be a big hit in the US.

I am really disappointed to be losing this guy. You can tell watching him that there’s a real footballer there, but he needs to play regularly and he needs to learn some discipline. He is sometimes rash, and not just in the tackle.

He tends to rush his passing too at time and for a player in his position that can lead to disaster.

But there’s definitely something there.

When on his game he is tough in the tackle and fearless.

He has a real engine too, and gets up and down the pitch very well. The US MLS will suit him, and we have a good relationship with the New York club which looks set to buy him; they trust us.

The amazing thing is how many of the Lennon signings have already been shown the door at the club. Some of those signings were truly baffling and have been a massive disappointment.

Whose judgement stunk? Lennon’s himself, or whoever he trusted to sign players?

Have any of them fitted the bill? Not as far as Ange is concerned anyway.

Perhaps Soro just doesn’t fit into the system.

Ange has his own ideas about what a player needs to have.

Perhaps he simply feels that we don’t have time to wait for this guy to come good.

I understand that, and would never call the manager out on such a decision, and in particular because Bitton has been so good and he’s signed a midfielder anyway.

But Soro will surprise people once he develops properly into the player he can be.

I think we will come to recognise that he is a better footballer than many give him credit for.

I think this is one that we’ll eventually come to regret.

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  • D . TIERNEY says:

    Sorry mate but not sure which soro you have been watching .
    He’s been dreadful and always a liability specially in the European games he played .
    Never far away from a booking due too his mistimed tackles best moved on and good luck to him.

  • Smokey says:

    Soro not a loss for me… but wish him well

  • pcelt says:

    no great loss,has done nothing and a liability for booking and being sent off.young henderson will be more of a loss.

  • Martin says:

    Soro was given same opportunity as Ralston when Ange arrived.
    Sorry Soro, not good enough for Angeball.

  • Lubo's Boots says:

    Agree with your comments James on Soro’s rash tackling and passing! He does have a good engine, and I do think he could be a great addition somewhere. The issue is his ball skills need work and his decision making as well. These things will take time to iron out, and although I think he could turn into a decent DM, Ange is clearly looking at players who will impact the team straight away. Good luck to him.

  • Henry says:

    Neck high 90 mile an hour passes, diving in when he doesnt need to. Best if he moves on. Didnt want Hendersons’s brother to leave and dont want Ewan to leave either. Oh well.

  • Sophie Johnstone says:

    Ange has improved players,but Soro hasn’t got the memo,still rash and impetuous if hasn’t learnt discipline now he never will,think your wrong on this one James

  • David says:

    We play with one holding midfielder, Soro is 4th choice. What we need are options in the 2 attacking midfield positions. Space needs to be created in the squad so fringe players need to go.

  • Leo (Celtic Ghostie) says:

    Agree with you on his one, a tigerish wee player in he mould of Kante, but I believe the real problem for Ange in our contaminated wee league is that he gives biased officials an easy opportunity to produce a card.
    In a league with neutral officials he will still get his share of cards but will show how good a player he is, I hope Celtic do not let him go cheap and that a large sell on clause is included as I believe this wee guy can go all the way to the top

  • Martin Walsh says:

    I would love to. Know what you base your article on, “there’s definitely something there”, where??? The guy is a total liability who has shown nothing. Time to move him and another half dozen out the door.

  • Tim Buffy says:

    Can’t tackle, passing woeful, no positional sense, picks up too many bookings.

    • Harryboy says:

      I would have liked him to still be with us as some more coaching could make him a good ‘sqad’ option.

  • John says:

    Hard to disagree with the general comments here. Like the boy but far too rash picking too many yellow cards especially early on in games putting himself and the team under pressure. Our referees are only too happy to oblige. Doesn’t seem to be taking Ange’s message on board. Don’t particularly think he will be missed but good luck to the boy wherever he ends up

  • SSMPM says:

    Soz James he’s had plenty of opportunities, positionally indecisive, dodgy tackling and Hail Mary passing at times, rash covers it. If there’s an issue needs highlighting from your article its that we’re not properly developing players. Agree with above comments, I would rather have kept Henderson. HH

  • Edward Mc Graw says:

    Sorry but,I must disagree,he’s shown nothing to convince me he has what it takes,as for the earlier contributor comparing him to Kante,I’ll assume that was written with tongue planted firmly in cheek.

  • jrm63 says:

    There is a player in there? Reading this reminded me of Ntcham of whom exactly the same was said. He has done really well since he left

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