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The Record Throws A Nonsensical Celtic Transfer Claim At Us Over Jota.

Image for The Record Throws A Nonsensical Celtic Transfer Claim At Us Over Jota.

Late last year, the Daily Record ran a speculative piece of trash on the transfer fee Spurs are asking for over Cameron Carter Vickers. They claimed an exclusive, which was that the transfer fee was moving towards being unaffordable; they said he would cost us £10 million.

That story has already collapsed as actual journalists, with actual information, have brought clarity on that.

Today they have another idiotic claim involving Jota.

All of a sudden the transfer clause in his contract with the club isn’t a set fee, it’s a “starting point.”

What a ridiculous claim that is.

Have you ever read such nonsense in your life?

Option to buy clauses do not come as “starting points.”

The fee is agreed. The clauses are agreed. Celtic knows every single penny that they will need to pay.

Where do their journalists get this stuff?

Who are these spurious claims for?

To cater to their own fantasies that we won’t get the players we want?

Or to convince themselves that these players will eventually prove to be out of our financial reach?

This blog has said, for months, that there’s a possibility of us not getting these guys.

They might decide to see what their options are.

But if they are open to the move then the move will happen because we already know the costs and already know they are worth it.

So what is the objective of this crap?

If not to convince themselves and their Ibrox reader-base, do they think they can freak Celtic fans out with this?

It is just remarkable to me that a national newspaper runs the fantasises of its journalists instead of actual news.

It is also appalling how little the press wants to keep good young talent in Scotland if that talent poses a threat to their favourite club.

Whenever we have a footballer who looks as if he could be a star they cannot wait to move him swiftly out the door.

This is sheer fantasy stuff from the press.

The £6 million fee is agreed. It is not a “starting point”.

The Record is once again branching out into fiction.

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  • Roonsa says:

    “Where do their journalists get this stuff?” you ask.

    I know it’s a rhetorical question but we all know that the way to get views, sales, clicks, whatever is to broastcast fear.

    That’s how Trump became POTUS and Scotland had BREXIT foisted on it against our wishes. If all the things that the Daily Mail claimed gave you cancer actually did then we’d all have cancer. For some reason, people are enticed by hyperbolic claptrap.

    There is a cure for this phenomenon. It’s called “don’t read it, it’s shite”.

    Thanks for taking one for your readers James but I find these articles a bit depressing now. Why not do a weekly dump of all the nonsnense into a bitesized feature and call it Comedy Corner? Christ knows we all could do with a laugh.

  • Michael J POLOCKUS says:

    I couldn’t agree more it’s because the mole is no longer giving them information like last year Ange and c,e,o keeping everything cl9sdd in house But I noticed Patterson done deal has gone from 10 million to 16 with add ons eye popey it’s 12 million plus 15 percent sell on because he is under 23 years of age

  • John S says:

    It’s just Dark Propaganda, undermining any challenge for the potential CL monies that may save their favourite club from Administration.

  • REBELLIOUS says:

    That rag runs on fiction, even the shite about iboaks is FALSE the dr specialise in it.

  • Johnny mcglinchey says:

    Nothing but orange masonic scum bastards, why does anyone buy that fuckin rag. HH

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    Thanks again James for showing them up for what they are..

    Any Celtic fans that purchase that rag or any other Scottish mainstream one is not..

    1. A true Celtic fan (or) 2. A good Celtic fan..

    However those who do buy them are definitely STRANGE Celtic fans – there’s no other description..

    Starve them of cash and give them their deserved misery of the dole !

  • Joe says:

    They can only freak Celtic fans out who read their pish. Why do so many Celtic fans continue to give these feckers money? Do they think someday they will finally find something interesting in these rags?

  • Eugenio Savelli says:

    Ha ha anybody that believes anything that comes out of that rag especially BREAKING NEWS must be off ther fkn heads 1) they never get it rite 2) they are alway last to no most of the other papers are miles ahead of them as usual.

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