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Why Celtic And Others Should Be Very Concerned By Alloa’s Appeal Strategy.

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The press reports today that Alloa are set to lean on a “dossier” by former SFA referees as part of their strategy to win the appeal against the red card being issued, after the fact, to the player who has put Ideguchi on the injury list.

It is a grossly irresponsible strategy, a win-at-all-costs disgrace that would license tackles just like it.

Ange is right; at the start of every season managers and players are reminded of what to expect should footballers make challenges like these … if former refs are saying that this is okay then something has gone far, far wrong with the system.

And that should worry clubs other than Celtic, because if those challenges are permitted then I would suggest that anything goes out on the pitch. Do we really want an SFA appeals panel to rule that a challenge like that is okay, with the rubber stump of former officials? That is surely dangerous, and not only to our players but to all players.

Who are these guys anyway? Who makes up this list?

Are these people Ferguson knows from the Ibrox after-dinner speaking circuit? Are we going to find that Mike McCurry and Jeff Winter are on this list? And is that okay with people at the governing body?

The SFA also needs to tells us if these referees are amongst those who already sit on the appeal panel; that would be even more concerning. If they were to suggest that a thuggish challenge like this is perfectly okay, then Scottish football really does have problems.

I really can’t understand why the press would think that this is okay.

Ferguson sent his players out to do damage. He should own that outcome.

He got what he wanted from it.

Today he’s in the papers bumming up Ibrox’s new signing; this guy should be focussing on his own club and the job his football employers pay him to do instead of doing PR for them.

Nobody has to tell us how Ferguson and his sidekick Malcolm feel about our club, but this surely now goes beyond our club.

In defending that challenge, he is defending brutality on the football pitch and if he has actually found ex-Scottish officials to back that position then God help the lot of us, and even worse if the SFA panel ends up agreeing with them.

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  • Roonsa says:

    I am not in the slightest bit concerned.

    The appeal is based on the twisted brain-wrong of a couple of anti-Celtic arseholes. The Daily Record article is a low-quality (even by their standards) piece. It is rank stupidity to even give this nonsense any credence whatsoever.

    The chance of the appeal actually resulting in the retrospective red-card being rescinded is nil in my opinion.

    It was a red card all day long. The guy won the ball but used excessive force which causes the player on the receiving end of the challenge to be injured to the extent that he limped off the park and missed the next match through the resulting injury.

    If that’s not a red and people are saying Biton should have been off (for two bookable offenses, one of which is clearly not a booking) – then there is something wrong with the game.

    If’s a no brainer. Ignore these fools. They add nothing to the discussion and offer no insight at all. Pricks.

    As for dredging up clearly anti-Celtic ex-referees like McCurry and (spit) Winter, then that is lunacy. What would be the point of contacting Winter in any case? He refereed in England and therefore never ref’d a match on a plastic pitch. We all knows what time he “supports”, he doesn’t hide it – so it would be like asking your average jaked-up Billiam* in the Louden Bar what he thought of anything Celtic related.

    * Now remember Billiam, you are not allowed to use the words tarrier, fenian or paedophile. So give us your thoughts ….

    …. Errrrr …. Tattie howkin bastards!!!!!

    Thank you, Billiam.

  • Kyogos Dream Team says:

    A Fukin Cheating EBT HUN Bastard that’s found his level wae the Mighty Fukin Aloha WHAHAHAHAHA!!

  • Tony B says:

    Banned for 2 games; one league, one cup.

    Wonder if Barry the ned will continue with his in thur faces bite thur ankles strategy.

    He should be called to account for this as well.

  • Seppington says:

    This is Fergehun showing the Sevco board that he is the ready-made replacement for when GVB goes, saying “LOOK AT MY STAUNCHNESS, I KNOW HOW TO TREAT FEENYINS ON A TIGHT BUDGET GIZZA JOAB!”

  • Joseph Mcaleer says:

    It’s the “Stop Celtic At All Cost” underground movement,

  • john clarke says:

    i would like the former referees on the judiciary panel to ask mouhamed niang : –
    before the game, did you hear mr ferguson say “i want you to ankle bite the celtic players” or words to that effect. what did you think mr ferguson meant when he instructed the team to ankle bite the celtic players? did the manager say “i want more aggression from the team” or words to that effect. mr niang, the manager mr ferguson has admitted saying these words to the team. are you hard of hearing? mr niang did you go into the tackle with the intent of capturing the ball and hurting the celtic player? did you want to follow mr ferguson’s game plan of more aggression. what do you think mr ferguson wanted from the team by playing with more aggression?. i feel that mr niang is a victim of mr ferguson’s pre-game team instructions, although he has received a couple of red and yellow cards in the past.

  • SSMPM says:

    There’s no place in modern day football for dinosaurs. The game and its rules have developed and adapted to cut out the history of assaults that these reptiles allowed. Ferguson hasn’t developed one iota since his days of middle fingering Scotland fans HH

  • john clarke says:

    the club that loaned mr m niang to alloa athletic reckons he has enormous potential and has been playing well. i say sorry to him. i got it wrong. no professional football player would INTENTIONALLY try to hurt another professional player

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