Help Rory’s Wish To Walk: A CelticBlog Guest Blog From Team Rory.

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This is our little cerebral palsy warrior Rory. It’s his wish to walk!

Rory was born 8 weeks prematurely.

He spent the first eight weeks of his life in the neonatal intensive care unit; it was hour by hour with him, he fought very hard and never gave up. To this day he’s still fighting.

Rory loves boxing!

He is so proud to be the littlest fighter at MTK Global

Rory will require care for life and his needs are vast, but we feel so blessed to have him here with us; every day with Rory is a blessing.

Rory requires double hip surgeries; he will travel to Boston Children’s hospital when he is strong enough and undergo Femoral Osteotomy.

This surgery has to be carried out on both of his thigh bones. He also requires a pelvic (hip ) Pemberton fosteotomy surgery on both hips.

Rory is currently attending a neurological rehabilitation centre in France in preparation for his surgeries in the USA. Rory is only a few weeks in, and already we are seeing massive improvements.

Rory will continue to attend the centre right up to his surgeries over in Boston Children’s Hospital and will return immediately post-op as he will require a minimum of 3 to 4 years of continuous intensive rehabilitation if he is to succeed with his wish to walk.

Like any parents, all we want is the best for our child.

It’s Rory’s wish to walk and we will do everything that we can to help make this a wish come true. We hope that Rory will have the ability to live an independent life, and hopefully we will see him able to care for himself to a certain level.

We are putting in as much time and effort as we can now so that hopefully when Rory is a young adult he will be able to do the simple things that we take for granted, like getting himself around the house, dressing, showering and getting himself in and out of bed.

While it’s been a difficult journey at times, overall it’s been one filled with love and joy.

It’s also a very exciting journey, as we are seeing first hand just what Rory is capable of and we get to enjoy all of his success and give him all the love and attention which he deserves. He truly is the sunshine in our family.

Rory has the biggest heart & the brightest smile. He is the happiest little boy and he loves his life! All we want is to make it better for him.

From the bottom of our hearts we wish to say a massive thank you to everyone who is supporting our little boy with his wish to walk and on his journey of life with cerebral palsy.

Sending you all lots of love.

#TeamRory #TeamMtkGlobal #Togetherwecan

You can help Team Rory by donating to the family GoFund Me Page by clicking here.

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  • Jimmy says:

    Good luck Rory for your future. I’m sure with your positive outlook and your great family you will achieve all your goals. All the very best.

  • Fun time frankie says:

    My daughter and I have already made a contribution to this little warriors appeal .Even if you can only afford to give i fiver Rory will hopefully be running around in no time. God bless this little warrior.

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