McCoist’s Latest Rant Is A Dangerous Joke, So Why Is The Media Taking It Seriously?

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Ally McCoist might be a decent commentator, but when it comes to discussing Scottish football issues he is so biased that he occasionally reaches into the gutter.

His rants are notorious, and although he is frequently lauded by his pals in the press as someone who is above the nastiness of sectarianism and bigotry I have long disagreed because of the numerous occasions in which he has personally stoked hatred.

The truth is that McCoist is no more capable of rational, objective analysis than Kris Boyd or Alex Rae.

Today’s rant, about Brown and Clancy sharing a joke coming off the pitch on Tuesday night, is frankly disgraceful and mortifying.

Yet there are national outlets which are publishing his comments as though their appropriate place was other than the Follow Follow basement floor.

But that’s where these statements belong; they are deplorable, yet another example of McCoist stirring the soup.

This guy is dangerous at times.

Remember when he accused Celtic fans of burning the Sevco team bus?

His demand for “the names” of an SPFL panel led to the harassment of various club officials and one lunatic tried to set fire to Raith Rovers ground.

McCoist frequently waves aside suggestions that refs are biased when the allegation comes from people out-with Ibrox, but he has a long record for pushing the line that officials are prejudiced against Ibrox.

He does not favour SFA reform.

McCoist’s comments are nakedly biased and inflammatory.

So Brown and the ref exchanged a few pleasantries going off the pitch; so what? Is this the new frontier for scrutiny, is it?

This is laughable, another example of how some people only want to focus on the decision of officials when those are perceived to go against Ibrox. And whilst scrutiny of the officials is not something we’d argue against, does McCoist’s bitter wailing today even constitute scrutiny? What are we watching here? Two guys sharing a joke after a tense game?

For God’s sake. This is ridiculous.

Where is McCoist when it matters?

Is he in favour of officials declaring their allegiances?

Is he in favour of foreign referees?

Does he support the immediate – immediate – implementation of VAR?

It seems to me that he is silent on much of this stuff, until he wants to wail about “injustices” against his favourite club; well as this blog has written over and over again, anyone who is serious about reforming the way refereeing works in Scotland will have the support of the Celtic fan-base, no matter what their own club affiliation.

They only have to declare it, and tell us what they would change.

But McCoist has no interest in any of that, of course.

Instead he wants to promote the idea that the whole of Scottish football is biased against Ibrox; let me tell you, outside of that club almost everyone does hate them.

But it’s not because of bigotry or anything else like that, it’s because of this; the constant whingeing and the reek of manufactured victimhood that wafts out of that place and off all associated with it.

The ref and Scott Brown smiled and laughed at each other coming off the pitch; when there are deadly serious issues facing our game – including an evolving scandal over betting – is this really worthy of headlines?

It stinks to high heaven.

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  • Finbar muldoon says:

    It’s really, really not nice that Brown and Clancy are laughing. HH

  • Frankie pearson says:

    Maybe Broony should show the gardener his collections of medals and the gardener can show Broony his collection of shovels,rakes,lawnmowers etc.

    • Finbar muldoon says:

      Did Alistair not get a medal as manager of petrol cup winners. After THREE shots at it? HH

  • Seppington says:

    Broony laughing with Clancy means nothing, he may have cracked a one-liner like “Want to hear a good joke? Ryan Kent!” which is one that cracks me up consistently!

    I hate Sevco and the horde, not because they’re “prods” or any of that pish, but because they hate me for just existing. They are the footballing equivalent of Al Qaeda, sowing destruction based on irrational hatred of anything outwith their kultchurr they think have wronged them. In my dreams the yanks fly over their midden in B-52s and carpet bomb it into dust. Why can’t those dreams come true? The world would be such a better place…

  • scouse bhoy says:

    just imagine if the ref had went to a celtic pub after the game . the goal that robbed albion rovers of a win against his duds in the cup would never have stood anywhere else. beaton let this chancer off big time that shameful day..

  • Smokey says:

    I think Rabbie Burns ode to a mouse fits Mcoist
    very well… “wee sleekit…etc etc etc

  • Stephen McAdam says:

    Always was a wee rat! Worst kind a hun ! Plays the charm offence surely we all met plenty tho i couldnt be friends with anything for the poisonous club! He knows this will validate anything the crazy hordes do! He a disgrace of a guy and funny how he always laughed with refs tho that’s cause like most these cretins in life in general it’s all pals as long it’s going their way! In a league were known orcs season ticket holders referee our games against this lot !Fact! Imagine if we had refs in a Celtic bar on the piss! Ha ha he would explode! No no bottom line the bottle has crashed and that piss poor team have no chance! Again st our Bhoys! We blow them away even tho madhun! It’s the hun in the black on 2nd This league is in the bag! Miles better than the ” ghost league” cowards! mccoist emptimises huns perfectly utter twat off a guy ” cheeky wee chappie” my Arse!

    • Stephen McAdam says:

      Also tells you all you need to know about these cretins that ” kevin” the mans name was all they needed to hate this referee land it’s been going on for years amongst they cretins!Tho look at their old manager ” mr murphy” he commented on a linesman after a Celtic goal in 2008! Referringg the man was a catholic!Ha ha Imagine they had to put up with what our club has had to but they know and expect decisions hence their reaction to an even playing field! All this on a night were their weirdo keeper should been off and a penalty given! Weirdo self entitled faith pure and simple! That stadium should been bulldozed in 2012 when old dued, nothing but a stain on Scotland and a breeding ground for hate! Fact

  • Jim Duffy says:

    Mc Coist is very clever in the way he plays the press and the media,good old harmless ally ,always cracking jokes and smiles and the press especially the English media lap this up,this is where I think he is very dangerous ,I’ve thought for years he was a bigot alongside ,durrant Goram and Ferguson etc, remember how he acted with Neil Lennon ,he is an obnoxious fat little cnut.

  • Roonsa says:

    McCoist is a sleekit cunt. Always has been, always will be. As with a lot of people, I have heard lots of anecdotes and seen stuff for myself that proves he was a duplicitous cunt off the park. Anecdotal “evidence” proves hee haw though. It’s tittle tattle.

    On the pitch he was a complete cunt. I remember the 1991 League Cup Final when he got into an altercation with Dariusz “Shuggy” Wdowczyk. The ref blows up and Super Ally puts his arm round Shuggy smiling at the ref as if to say it’s ok, we’re pals. Then out-of view of there he yanks down hard on Shuggy’s hair to which our man reacted and got into further bother with the ref.

    Now if that was Broony doing that to Kent I’d say well done Broony. But holier than thou McCoist thinks it’s childish now, apparently.

    What bothers me is the same what bothers you, James. McCoist is lauded in the press and elsewhere as being above the petty “sectarian” divide and is some sort of paragon of virtue, albeit a cheeky wee monkey. That has never washed for me and never will.

    Go and fuck yerself Coisty ya slimey wank.

    • Jorge says:

      Don’t remember the incident with Wdowczyk but it sounds like his behaviour. I used to get angry with Celtic supporters who would say he wasn’t bitter like some of them when it was obvious to me how odious he really was.
      You describe him well.

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