Whingeing Sevco Demands Greater Protection From Their SFA Brethren.

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Sevco went squealing to the SFA in the aftermath of the game in midweek, the one where they dropped points and saw the lead at the top of the table cut to a mere four points in a campaign where they still have two visits to Celtic Park in front of them.

It comes as no surprise that the Ibrox club is rattled.

It comes as no surprise that they went screaming to their brethren at Hampden, demanding to know why refereeing decisions went against them. Their club’s sense of entitlement is so sharp that they thought the penalty should have been retaken because of a gust of wind blowing the ball around on the spot.

In truth, their main line of complaint was that it was given in the first place and that it was scored.

They complained, of course, about Scott Brown.

The press said they highlighted eight separate points of contention from the match; I wonder if, like McCoist, their childishness extends to demanding to know why Clancy and Brown were laughing coming off the pitch.

Chris Sutton has already expressed his disbelief over this news, and he’s correct to.

The Ibrox club only makes itself look ridiculous with this kind of action, and especially when they then subsequently leak it to the media in an attempt to make themselves look tough.

In actual fact, in spite of the media headlines claiming they have been “in talks” with the SFA what the report actually says is that they have sent a letter outlining their paranoid nonsense, and that the SFA has formally responded to it by acknowledging receipt of it.

But the message is clear; this is a club which has had special treatment for a long time and is wondering why they are no longer getting it.

I mean, if you ignore that Clancy could – and should – have given Aberdeen a penalty and possibly even sent off McGregor before the Ibrox club scored their goal that is.

If they are blaming the ref for their utter failure on the night, then that’s pretty weak.

But it’s also pretty sinister, and I hope Sutton isn’t the only one to say so.

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  • Allaboutceltic says:

    This is their Keegan moment.

    The SFA shouldn’t even have given them time let alone a closed doors meeting. It took them 3 months to get round to reviewing Patterson appeal last season because Tavenier wasn’t fit, so how come they can hear a complaint behind closed doors the day after the match??

    I hope we play the game on the 2nd, as although we will be potentially without a few players, they know and we know that what we have still available, is still far superior to what they can put out.

  • SSMPM says:

    Interesting that wind was the issue for them given they’re full of it. What a pathetic entity these bigot huns are. The Hoops are coming so its time to emphasise to the SFA that a bit more cheating will be required. HH

  • Seppington says:

    They’re keeching it so bad they’ll need to change their shorts from white to brown to cover the fact. Utterly pathetic but entirely expected. say what you want about David Murray (tax dodger, should be stripped of his knighthood etc.) but this would never have happened under him. It’s as if when Chuckles “bought the basket of assets” the self-awareness wasn’t included.

    It’s yet another way in which they are an embarrassment to Scotland….

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