Barry Ferguson Takes Ibrox Transfer Delusion To Bold New Heights With Lunatic Claim.

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Sevconia has lost the plot since the Patterson deal went through. They continue to press the claim that it was a “record club transfer” and although I have no doubt that this was the case, I mean only in the context of the NewCo, and not, as they mean, dragging up the transfer history of the dead Ibrox club as they so often do with the “trophies.”

I don’t believe for a minute they got a “club record” even if they are stretching the envelope of truth until it reaches into Narnia.

The £12 million Rangers got for Alan Hutton is not what they got here. Still, it will be amusing to have this proven when the numbers don’t add up in the accounts, whenever the Hell those come out for public viewing.

I could live with them – almost – at a time like this if their indulging in one fantasy didn’t spill over to their indulgence in others. Barry Ferguson is in the papers today saying that having got a “club record” for Patterson they can look forward to £30 million deals in their future.

I mean, Jesus wept. We have much more experience than them at this, with far better players, and we haven’t come near £30 million for any of them. Kieran’s transfer fee at £24 million was a beauty, but anyone could see that he’d walk into a top team.

Rodgers and others had passed his name around every club down south; he is an exceptional talent and was always going to command an exceptional sum.

Still, it wasn’t £30 million.

The truth is, we won’t get that kind of cash as long as we play in Scotland. Eddie might have got us close, if he’d not had a year left on his deal and hadn’t so obviously wanted to leave. Had he played just one more excellent year and shown up in more massive Champions League games it would have been hard to stop Moussa knocking on that door.

But again, exceptional talent in those cases. Which no-one at Ibrox is close to.

Eight times in our history now we’ve sold players for eight figure sums. Ibrox presumes that it is easy, but even with our track record this isn’t something we do every year. Where they will be smarting is that we did it twice in the last window which allowed us to rebuild this team. Hardly anyone thought we would get those kind of fees for guys in their last 12 months.

It will take a truly exceptional talent to leave Scotland for anything over £20 million. There is no current footballer in the country – save perhaps Callum McGregor – who’s at that level yet. Amazingly, those with the potential to reach it are at Celtic; Kyogo, Jota, Carter Vickers … and yeah, two are on loan, but this is why Celtic will get those deals done.

I have tried to look objectively at the Ibrox squad, and as much as I do I cannot see a single footballer in it who I think would inspire clubs to pay those kinds of fees.

And you know that I am not kidding around with this, because I didn’t think Kris Ajer was remotely worth it when the press was touting him as £20 million plus player either; I was amazed with what we got in that deal.

Look, the Patterson deal was a good one for them, inasmuch as they got money to keep the lights on a wee bit longer.

But as usual the media is overhyping it as they tend to do.

Ferguson symbolises how crazy it’s all become.

One decent bit of transfer business, and this lot think they’ve cracked the code.

How rude an awakening they are in for.

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  • Johnny mcglinchey says:

    Barry you are a fuckin turnip. HH

  • Brian says:

    I read on here it was an undisclosed fee, so what’s it to be?

  • vincent mcsherry says:

    the transfer fee for Paterson? Everton say 4.5 Mill,BBC say undisclosed record fee(how can it be a record if undisclosed?) and of course Radio Clyde : £16 Million! Somebody must be teling porkies!!

    • Droopy McCool says:

      I think you might find that the £4.5M put out by Everton was his fantasy football value, not the transfer fee.

  • Paul says:

    Well written pal. The rest of them are two bob rockets especially if they run down their contracts. I imagine his fee was possibly 6m then add ons and if the courts played better they shouldn’t get any of it. They have had one close shave. Rats. And I apologise to rats. HH everyone !

  • Jake Hansen says:

    We’ll see when the Everton audited accounts drop. God knows Sevco’s accounts are all made up pish

  • Frankie pearson says:

    Albertz,Moore, Boyd,all prattling on about sevco winning the league how stupid are these people it shows when they don’t take into consideration how debt ridden this outfit are.

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