Sevco’s Media Lapdogs Are Putting Pressure On Hearts To Sell Souttar On The Cheap.

Image for Sevco’s Media Lapdogs Are Putting Pressure On Hearts To Sell Souttar On The Cheap.

This evening some in the press are doing what they do best; putting pressure on a club on behalf of Ibrox.

We have heard this tune so many times before that you can identify it from the opening notes. Having secured a pre-contract agreement from John Souttar Ibrox does not want to pay the going rate for getting him before the summer.

And so the pressure is being slowly applied to Hearts, to force them to release him on the cheap. The Tynecastle club has said that they won’t. But the Ibrox club has mobilised its pet hacks and even some disgruntled ex-Hearts players to start turning up the heat.

Any time an Ibrox club has wanted a Scottish player this has happened.

They make their interest public and the drumbeat starts. They have forced clubs to release pre-contract signings for low sums before using this same shameless tactic.

So Souttar is reading today about how Hearts fans will turn on him. About how he cannot afford to be cup-tied by playing for Hearts next weekend.

How the deal has to be done this week or he will have to endure the Tynecastle hate-mob for the full season.

Hearts are told that they cannot stand in his way.

That they should accept whatever modest sum Ibrox chucks at them.

The media seems to think that Hearts don’t recognise that if he stays and helps get them to the latter stages of the cup and third in the league that this will be worth more than the ridiculous sums Ibrox might blackmail them with.

Hearts fans can do their club a favour by continuing to back Souttar until he goes.

That would take some of the sting out of what Ibrox is trying to do. But it’s the club that has to be strong here, they have to stand up against this pressure and even call it out.

A lot of the time, these clubs are content to keep their heads down and not involve themselves in war with the media for its bias, but there are other times when they have to make a stand and this is one of those times.

If they don’t they will get steamrolled.

If they don’t, Souttar will be at Ibrox when the window shuts and for a low-ball fee which right now seems like an insult.

Because Ibrox and its allies will not stop unless they are fought hard on this.

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