90 Points Now Suddenly The Most Likely Celtic Title Target Again.

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Last week, I posted my article about how I had initially, at the start of the campaign, thought 90 points was what we needed to be virtually assured the title. I said that I had revised it to 93 points in light of where we were.

Today I am re-revising it.

It seems clear that a draw at Ibrox will now be enough to make us overwhelming favourites, provided we don’t drop points in the games leading us there.

It is also pretty clear that this is a rocky Ibrox side capable of dropping points any time they play away … how fortunate for them that the fixture list has fallen so heavily in their favour.

A draw and a win over the Ibrox club would, on the basis of where we stand right now, give us a league lead of six points … if those game were played back to back we’d have nine games left to go.

Indeed, by the time the first of them comes around the match count will be down to eight. If we leave that game with a three point lead we’re down to seven games, which means that a win against them at Celtic Park would leave just six games for them to make up a six point deficit, and a couple of them will be already in the past.

We also might be considerably ahead on goal difference as well.

We need 24 points to get to 90 at the moment.

That’s eight games of the eleven we have left. If we win eight out of the next eleven – including beating them at home – then, to be blunt, we will win this title and I have no doubt of that at all.

Crucially, now, with eleven games to go we would almost certainly be officially champions if we get to 93 points, which is nine wins out of the next eleven … our record in the last 19 league games is 18 wins so we are in a good place to achieve that goal.

There is a long way to go in this title race, folks … eleven tough matches, matches in which we will be severely tested. Three of those games take place before Ibrox and two are at tricky away grounds where we will absolutely need to be on our toes.

But if we win the next three we go to Ibrox with, at worst, a three point cushion.

If we get a draw then it’s ours to lose.

If we win, that’s 15 points closer to the goal and a six point lead with seven games to go, and at that point, with a home game against them to come, then it is ours to lose.

If we get to 90 points I think it’s ours to lose anyway.

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  • BhilltheTim says:

    Or, if The Rangers lose their next five games and Celtic keep winning, we’ll clinch the title against St Johnston’s, on my Birthday!!

    It’s obviously fated to be!

    (Sod that crap! One game at a time. Hatching chickens and all that!)

  • Larsson 7 says:

    Remember another thing Mad-Hun and his pals have not gone away suddenly, decisions decisions,and honest mistakes,will decide a lot of things
    H H

  • Martin says:

    I’m going to say it’s too early to tell. In our favour is Europe. They look like going through and we look like going out, so that’s 2 extra games and one (hopefully long) trip. The Derby games will be key. Especially Ibrox. Win that and they collapse. Lose that and they gain belief and cut the gap. A draw probably still demoralises them as it’s a home game.

    We need to sort out our defending of crossed balls though.

  • Henry says:

    I always thought they would win against Hearts & Hibs but would drop points against Dundee Utd. However we have to go to Livingston where we have lost 2 and drawn 3 of the last 5 games. The only game I see them dropping points in are (excluding Celtic) away to St Mirren. We still have an awful lot of work to do.

  • Mark B says:

    Terrific article. Interesting. 11 games 33 points. They can still get to 96 points. We can get to 99. There are 6 outcomes from games against them….
    Case 1: If we beat them once and draw once they can get to 91. So 8 wins and that draw and two defeats give us 91.
    Case 2 Two draws mean they can get to 92. 8 wins those two draws and a defeat mean 92 for us.
    Case 3 A win for them and a draw means we can both get to 94. We need 9 other wins?
    Case 4 Two wins for us and yes they can get to 90 so winning 8/11 is 90 for us also.
    Case 5 Two wins for them and they will probably win it. They can get to 96 then or 93 with one loss.
    Conclusion I think 90 not enough I’d guess 91 -93. I think we need 9 wins and and at least a draw against them for 94. although if we lose twice to them I d bet on them. Great article James really made me think I still think 93 makes it almost certain unless we lose twice to them. 94 is my guess where we will End up. And champions! But it’s close

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