Aaron Ramsey’s Pitiful “Threat” To Celtic Is Hilarious And Not In The Least Bit Scary.

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How come, when Aaron Ramsey made his “long way to go” comments at the weekend nobody suggested that they would be “pinned to the dressing room wall” at Celtic Park?

How come nobody interpreted it as a sign of ego and arrogance and bad character?

I love that this guy is weighing in off the park before he’s kicked his own arse on it.

Far from being a source of motivation for Celtic players – we don’t need that – I’d suggest it was a source of hilarity instead.

He’s talking like a guy who’s had a massive impact on the season already … but as this blog has pointed out, and as the mainstream media is starting to think, this guy is turning out to be a colossal waste of money and all the hype and hysteria.

I know Ibrox’s fans are desperate for this guy to be a success … but the press must be just as desperate, for reasons of their own, after all the guff they talked when he signed.

All any of it did was make Scottish football sound like a backwater grateful for the arrival of a superstar … even if he was a guy who’s barely played over the last few years.

Sports writers from England must have been cringing, those who weren’t laughing at us up here, with the whole of our press corps drooling over a 31-year-old crock. Only our websites did real scrutiny, and we’d have done the same had Celtic signed him.

In the meantime, we’re supposed to take his “rallying cry” to the team and the fans seriously?

I have said from the start that all someone like does is cause resentment amongst the players already at the club.

Over-hyped, massively over-paid, a giant ego … the kind of person who would book an entire restaurant for Valentine’s Day, which I guess was supposed to impress people.

He’s in the wrong city for impressing people like that.

I’ll take “rallying” cries seriously from players who have actually produced something here in Scotland, instead of sitting in the stands talking a good game.

I cannot believe anyone at Celtic is losing sleep over this … but I imagine more than a few folks at Ibrox are wondering when this guy is going to contribute instead of picking his nose in the stand.

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  • John S says:

    Well, there is a bit to go and football goes game by game. These off-field, often manufactured, distractions ought not to interfere with a team determined to win the very next points.

  • Tony B says:

    Oh dear. Sick note Ramsey appears to be showing a distinct lack of class.

    Should we hang his comments on the dressing room wall as per the ibrox numpties’ battle cry, or just pish ourselves laughing at their latest expensive zoomer that the beggars can’t afford?

  • Finbar muldoon says:

    Maybe he’ll play onThursday v 4/6 favourites to qualify, Dortmund. HH

  • JimBhoy says:

    maybe the latest 4m shares is to cover his time at the club.

  • JimBhoy says:

    I said when he joined Ramsay would be lucky to be a part of 10 games.

    The wee lightweight guy from manyoo is coming in for some flack also and if he is contracted to be a part of every game that’s not going to be a good place to be.

    Bears will be raging.

    Huge losses and another 4m shares. Jeez.!!!

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