Ange Has To Consider The Calculus Of Risk When He Names Todays Celtic’s Team.

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Today, when Ange names the Celtic team, we’re going to see a rather interesting risk versus reward calculation made. I don’t believe it will him massive changes in it, but I do expect there to be some. Maybe five across the whole team.

We have one hell of a lot of games to come in the next few weeks, and all of them are going to be trickier than this one today. That might tempt the manager to go out seriously under-strength against Raith, but I don’t think he will.

But nor do I think he’ll ignore the obvious; this is not a game that we should be risking key footballers for. Which isn’t to say that the Scottish Cup isn’t desirable; having won the League Cup we can smell another treble, and will certainly not deplete the side enough to risk a place in the tournament. Yet bigger things lie ahead.

Europe for one. Ange says he thinks we can win the Europa Conference League; I don’t know how seriously we should take the possibility, but we can certainly go far in it, presuming that’s something we want to do in a close title race, a subject I’ll return to at some other time.

Ange wants to go far in it though, and who can blame him for that? This team is flying at the moment, and we’re competitive across the boards. Ange thinks this squad is strong enough to do it across all fronts, and none of us is anything but happy to roll with that. It’s a great opportunity for us. Yet it’s not one without risks, as he knows full well.

At some point I think Ange will need to start thinking about priorities, and the obvious thing to conclude is that the league title is the foremost consideration. Even winning the Europa Conference League will feel like a major comedown if the league title ends up somewhere else and Ange will know this as well as anybody.

So the team selection will be interesting. Some rotation should be expected, but not a lot. Either way it will be a gamble. It’s up to the boss to calculate the odds.

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  • Henry says:

    Well that just goes to show that it’s taxi time for a number of the fringe players- Where do we start? The back 4 was terrible. Ralston seems to have gone back in time to 2 or 3 seasons ago. CC-V is not up to the task. The passing was really sloppy again and lethargic to boot.

    Midfield – time up for Nir Bitton, and what on earth is he doing taking penalties. Forrest was anonymous, he can’t beat a player and he can’t cross the ball (though to be fair he is quite good through the middle). Mikey Johnson? It would be best if he moved on. Still have major doubts about Giamkoumakis.

    It was like Raith were playing against a team just above them in the league.

  • Finbar muldoon says:

    Soup-taker bonner on shortbread. “I haven’t seen Juranovic for a few weeks. Don’t know if he’s injured or not”. You work for the national broadcaster. Ask one of their reporters. HH

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